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292 days.

In 292 days, you’ll see these two on stage together again – but with a whole lot of balloons pouring down all around them and their families.

The Kasich for Ohio team successfully rolled out their LG candidate yesterday.

Here’s how leading newspapers from around Ohio introduced the pair to their readers….

From the DDN:

The John Kasich-Mary Taylor Republican tag team debuted Thursday, Jan. 14, with a withering critique of incumbent Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland and a pledge to put Ohioans back to work by cutting taxes and streamlining government.

The Plain Dealer:

An exuberant John Kasich, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, on Thursday introduced state Auditor Mary Taylor as his running mate for this year’s contest.

Kasich, a former U.S. Congressman who lives in suburban Columbus, hailed Taylor for having keen fiscal skills that he says will help him restructure state government and overhaul Ohio’s collapsing budget.

Since taking office in 2007, Taylor’s most recognizable moment was last April when she challenged Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland’s proposed operating budget, saying it threatened to leave Ohio with an $8 billion hole by 2012.

Cincy Enquirer:

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich made it official Thursday, naming Auditor Mary Taylor as his running mate for lieutenant governor.

“‘Mary’s tough and she’s smart,” Kasich said at a news conference. “It’s going to be very, very cool.”

Taylor, a former state legislator from the Akron suburb of Uniontown, said she looks forward to restructuring and reducing the size of state government to hold down spending.

As state auditor, Taylor said she has offered fiscal solutions to Gov. Ted Strickland, “but our governor is a hard guy to help.”

The Toledo Blade:

Making official perhaps the worst-kept secret in Ohio politics, Republican gubernatorial hopeful John Kasich Thursday used Twitter to announce his teaming with State Auditor Mary Taylor.

The only statewide non-judicial Republican official left standing after the Democratic tide of 2006 that brought in Gov. Ted Strickland, Ms. Taylor is at first glance an obvious choice for a GOP running mate.

A proven vote-getter and former state representative from voter-rich northeast Ohio, she brings geographic and gender diversity to the ticket. She adds to Mr. Kasich’s already conservative message and brings with her a built-in podium from which she’s criticized the Democratic governor’s fiscal decisions.

My favorite quotes of the day all came from Kasich:
On Strickland begging for stimulus dollars: “Going to DC on your knees with a tin cup is not going to solve our problems. That is embarrassing”.

On moving Taylor from Auditor to his ticket: “When you have Lebron James you don’t leave him on the bench. We will run strong at the top of the ticket.”

On the Strickland’s term as Governor: “Strickland put the car in the ditch. I say thank God there was a ditch or else it would have gone over a cliff.”

Also, thanks to Rob Portman, John Boehner, Pat Tiberi, and other leading Ohio Republicans who showed solidarity in publicly lauding the Kasich/Taylor ticket.

Finally, special props go out to the Ohio bloggers who made it down to the event. Kevin at OPO, Tom at Bizzyblog, Matt from WMD, and Jesse from Athens Runaway, all have posts up about their experience at the event yesterday. Make sure to check them out.

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