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A Defense Of Speaker Boehner

With only a few days until the nation goes over the fiscal cliff—most likely sending our economy into another recession, if not a full-blown depression—a lot of talk has centered on Ohio Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner.  He’s faced a lot of criticism, from both sides of the aisle.

Perhaps rightly so, but given the actions of the child currently occupying the oval office, Speaker Boehner still has this Ohioan’s support.  And the reasoning is based in the history of the last four years.

President Barack Obama’s propensity for the use of executive orders has already been noted numerous times—the man loves to act unilaterally and without the approval of the nation’s legislative branch.  From his birth control mandate (which violates every tenet of the First Amendment’s freedom of religion) to circumventing the Senate’s executive appointment process, Obama’s actions reveal his style of governing is less like a democracy and more like a dictatorship.

President Barack Obama has proven time and time again, he doesn’t want to work through the process, because the final product might not be exactly what he wants—God forbid we actually have some compromise in this country.  Our President isn’t interested in cooperation or negotiation if it means he has to make concessions.

And that’s why we’re going over the fiscal cliff come January.  That’s what Obama wants.

That’s the kind of President that Boehner has to deal with, all the while trying to maintain conservative policy positions.  It’s a tough balancing act, and I can respect the position he’s in.  Boehner has to make a compromise work with his members, or else President Obama will simply implement whatever he wants via executive fiat.

In other words, Boehner is the only thing standing between President Obama and the man’s desire to take this country hard Left.

As I mentioned above, we’re going over the fiscal cliff—Obama dreams of higher taxes, and should he actually cut the middle class some slack later down the road, he wants those reductions to be the “Obama Tax Cuts” and not just a continuation of Bush’s policies that, wouldn’t you know, actually seem to work.

It just fits with his egotistical personality.  I truly believe the GOP could pass a tax cut on all making less than $250,000, with no conditions or strings attached, and President Obama would find some excuse not to sign it—Obama’s given me no reason to take him at his word.

We could have given Boehner some support last November, but we fell short in the race for the presidency as well as our U.S. Senate seat.  So we’re stuck dealing with the consequences for the next four (and six) years.

That’s why I’m standing behind Speaker Boehner, at least until someone else can prove that they’re better at convincing one of the most liberal presidents in American history, and a do-nothing Senate that they should cooperate on conservative policy positions.

Truth be told, I’m proud to have an Ohioan serving as Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, particularly in these incredibly tough times.  As Ohio continues to outpace the nation—with an economy that’s growing ever stronger under the policies of business-minded Governor John Kasich—it seems to me having another Buckeye leading at the national level isn’t such a bad idea. 

And with the fiscal cliff looming, while our President vacations 3000 miles from Washington, D.C. (while millions of Americans can’t afford a vacation at all), that Ohioan might be our only hope.

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