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A Loser’s Strategy

When you’re losing, desperation can set in.

And it seems very possible that is the case in a new set of suspicious mailers being sent to conservatives around the state.

An organization called the Ohio State Tea Party is sending mailers to Republicans recommending they vote for Libertarians in races where one exists. In some cases, this could split the conservative vote and win the seat for the Democrat.

Here’s a sample…

Binsky happens to be the Libertarian candidate.

Now I’m all for free speech and pushing whomever you want for office, except there is one problem.

No one in the Tea Party chain of command in Ohio has ever heard of this organization sending out mailers.

In fact, the Ohio Liberty Council, the umbrella organization that helps coordinate the Tea Party organizations around the state, sent out this message to their members today in response to the above mailer:

“The Ohio State Tea Party” was registered with the Secretary of State after the 10/14 financial reporting deadline so they won’t have to disclose donors until AFTER the election is over. Make your friends aware that they should be suspicious of fliers like this.

Considering the number of false Tea Party organizations sprouting up around the country as the election draws closer, it seems clear that the Ohio Liberty Council is onto something.

One thing in particular makes this Ohio State Tea Party suspicious. They filed on the same day as the anonymously funded Our Future Ohio PAC registered. As you’ll recall, OFO has poured millions of dollars from unknown sources into the gubernatorial and statehouse races. See the two documents below:

Both created on October 15th. Convenient, eh?

So, will this strategy work? Possibly. But not if we inform our friends and neighbors and make them aware to not pay attention to such blatant abuse of the political process.

Yes, it’s legal.

Yes, it’s dirty.

Yes, it’s desperate.

And we’re gonna beat them anyway.

If you see anymore mailers like this, please contact me at [email protected]

UPDATE: Apparently similar items are sprouting up all over the state, including mailers about congressional races like Bob Gibbs race versus Zack Space. Is this all Space and his allies have left? Rather than damaging the chances of Republicans statewide, they may have awoken a beast that will work its tail off to get out the vote these last four days.

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