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A Microcosm of Dumb: Messaging and Jennifer Brunner

In politics, one of the most important aspects of any campaign is managing the message.

Today’s stories from Politico, The Hill, the Dispatch, the Plain Dealer, and who knows how many others, highlight the serious incompetence behind the Brunner campaign.

Last Thursday, Portman and Fisher both released their fundraising numbers for the 3rd quarter. Meanwhile, Brunner’s campaign responded to press inquiries by ambiguously inferring they had a poor quarter.

That was bad story #1 for Brunner.

Brunner then announced she was replacing her fundraising team. Once again, this highlighted the horribly poor quarter Brunner suffered.

Bad story #2.

And today, we finally learned what Brunner eventually had to admit – specifically how badly she did.

And bad story #3.

Three stories, all negative, highlighting the dire circumstances the Brunner campaign finds itself in.

And the only folks to blame are Brunner’s campaign.

Rather than controlling the message and releasing all the information the same day as the other candidates, thereby making her issues only part of a much larger story, Brunner decided to string out the bad news.

Brunner supporters are lucky things seem so close to the end. I don’t think they could have handled this kind of incompetence for another 12 months.

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