About those COEXIST bumper stickers…

I think this may be a bit more accurate to actual reality…

I dare ya to put that on your car.

UPDATE: To my surprise, I received a couple e-mails about this post – one asking where they could get one, and another claiming I was a racist. As for one, no, I don’t have any idea, but see what you can find on cafepress. As for two, I must admit I’m a bit taken aback. I think it’s fairly obvious to anyone with a brain in their head that all Muslims are not terrorists. With that said, that same person should know the reality of the world we live in – where a large portion of the Islamic world started a Holy War against many parts of the free world. Ultimately, the bumper sticker is satire, the kind of satire that has been seen thousands of times on comedy shows for years, and it’s my hope that those who read my blog are smart enough to take it for just that.

2 thoughts on “About those COEXIST bumper stickers…”

  1. Not to mention, MUSLIM is NOT a RACE! Therefore, how can one be a RACIST for making critical remarks about it?

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