Anarchists Who’ve Watched Too Many Movies

Five Weathermen-wannabes have been arrested for plotting to blow-up a Cleveland highway bridge.

Apparently, the plan was originally about toppling some financial institution signs off of some downtown Cleveland buildings, perhaps as part of the Occupy Wall Street nonsense scheduled for May Day. But the masterminds figured they needed to create a diversion to occupy the police elsewhere (maybe they recalled the notion from one of the Die Hard movies). Accordingly, an idea was floated about setting off smoke grenades by the one major bridges (man, that’d look great on television!). But, and we’re guessing here, none of the guys knew where one could actually buy smoke grenades. So somebody, perhaps a FBI informant, suggested they use C-4 explosives instead, just like in the movies. And perhaps he happened to know somebody who just happened to have some. Now the five knuckleheads are under arrest, and wondering how it all went wrong.

Perhaps in jail, they’ll find time to read up on Bill Ayers, and learn how to properly go about this anarchy business.