Back to the Future

Yesterday, the NRCC had a little fun and red penned an old Nancy Pelosi press release from 2003 that went after President Bush for……..wait for it……

…..a 6.2% unemployment rate.


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3 thoughts on “Back to the Future”

  1. That is funny, but there is something that I have always wanted to ask conservatives. Why do you say that it isn’t the governments job to handle health care or stimulate the economy, or any of the other “socialist” things that the Democrats want to do, but when it comes to unemployment, it is automatically the governments fault? I mean it isn’t Ted Stricklands job to find me a job, thats my problem. If I lose my job tomorrow, I am not going to blame it on Ted Strickland, George Bush, Barak Obama, Jesus, Snoopy or anyone other than myself or my boss. I’m not asking this to be a troll, I am just curious as what you want the government to do and not do.

  2. The Gubmint’s job is to set reasonable rules and regs and then get out of the way of private enterprise and allow the capital to flow where it is needed.

    However, Obama-Reid-Pelosi have:

    1. passed a $800B+ “stimulus” that is taking money away from the private sector.

    2. pushed a carbon tax that would increase the costs of energy at all levels of business.

    3. pushed a Health Care bill that leaves the costs of employment uncertrain.

    4. have hinted at a Card Check bill that will increase unionization and the costs of employment.

    5. have battered banks and “excess profits.”

    6. have driven the debt to unforeseen heights that point to higher taxes in the future.

    All of these things are combining to keep capital on the sidelines and that is stifilin job growth.

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