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Bye, bye Cleveland?

Sorry Browns fans, as much as you likely wish it to be true after this weekend, this post isn’t about the Dawg House moving to Wyoming.

Instead, it’s to thank Brent Larkin for yet more campaign fodder. Here’s a sample of his latest musing from the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Governor Strickland….


In Northeast Ohio, which Quinnipiac had going 47-33 for Strickland as of their last poll, the Democratic stronghold may not be quite as inspired to get off their butts and go vote for Ted Strickland after reading columns like this one. Remember, an absolutely vital aspect of every election is the Get Out the Vote(or GOTV) effort. If the voters have the same concerns as Brent Larkin, the Cleveland base won’t even bother heading to the polls when the guy leading the ticket is someone they despise.

Now, to be fair, Larkin also says this in his column:

As 2010 approaches, the one thing that might save him is the scary fiscal policies advocated by his likely Republican opponent, former Rep. John Kasich. Strickland may seem to voters the lesser of two evils.

Scary fiscal policies? 1) Quite a cop-out to say such a thing without detailing what his objections specifically are; 2) Even more amusing to say such a thing since no policies have been officially rolled out; and 3) Playing devil’s advocate, let’s assume Cleveland voters don’t like Kasich’s policies which he announces them, it’s not too often voters actually go out of their way to vote against someone, and especially in a midterm election.

But that single sentence matters not relative to the gist of the whole column, and how parts of it will hopefully be reprinted and placed on every Cleveland doorstep come Fall of next year.

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