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#FL18 Candidate @Carl_Domino’s Proposal For Congress Would Hurt Female And Minority Colleagues

Carl Domino is a name you may not be familiar with, but you should be.

Carl is the former Majority Whip of the Florida House of Representatives. He is known in political circles in Florida as being a close comrade of Charlie Crist. Domino and Crist were so tight in fact, that Domino was Crist’s Palm Beach County Chair for his failed Senatorial primary against Marco Rubio.

Charlie Crist and his friend Carl Domino

Charlie Crist and his friend Carl Domino

Fast forward four years later. Domino, 70, now is a Congressional candidate in a contested primary in FL 18. His campaign is fueled by self funding. The incumbent is Patrick Murphy, who as a 31 year old freshman is seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party. This R+3 district will likely be targeted in the general election.

Desperate for a win, Domino proposed the “Fix Congress First Act.” This might sound catchy to primary voters who are distrustful of the way Washington operates. But, this proposal is a disaster and would have significant implications in a general election in a targeted race.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 12.39.24 PM

Domino wants Representatives to be paid the median income of the district they represent. This would significantly reduce the income of many Congressmen, leaving the door to these elected offices available to only wealthy people, like Domino. In addition to that, Domino is proposing that some minority and female Representatives earn wages hovering near the poverty line, depending on their family size.

 The median income in OH-11 is $31,331. Under Domino’s proposed plan, that would be Congresswoman Marcia Fudge’s salary. In OH-9, Marcy Kaptur would earn $ 37,520. Domino believes José Serrano’s salary should be $23,314. The median income in Domino’s district is $50,368.

Essentially, Domino is proposing that if elected he should make over $27,000 more than Representative Serrano.

 The Democrats are already beating the drums of the “War on Women” and Domino is playing right into them. Even if it is unintentional, he is reinforcing the stereotype of Republicans being rich, out of touch old men who are trying to keep minorities and women down. And he is automatically giving the advantage to Murphy and the DCCC on this by suggesting he earn a higher Congressional salary than many women and minority members of Congress.

This race should be a pick up for Republicans. But even with a quality candidate, it will be a fight in the general election. The NRCC is not picking sides in this primary. But, perhaps the implications of Domino’s proposal will change that.

Carl Domino had a strike four years ago by strongly supporting Charlie Crist in 2010. He is taking another strike today with his lopsided proposal. Will he strike out on primary day?

Jay Caruso has more on this at Pocket Full of Liberty.

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