Capri Cafaro Says Richard Cordray “Not Particularly Well Liked”

Capri Cafaro gave Richard Cordray a swift kick to help him begin his gubernatorial general election campaign against Mike DeWine. The former Minority Leader of the Ohio Senate candidly announced in an interview that Cordray is “not particularly well liked.”

The Mahoning County Democrat was on “The Bill Press Show” to discuss the race when she rolled Cordray under the bus. She also reminded listeners that this is a rematch from the 2010 election when DeWine ousted Cordray from his role as Attorney General.

“Here’s a fun fact: Mike DeWine beat Rich Cordray when Rich Cordray was the sitting attorney general in 2010,” Cafaro said. “So, that’s a thing that makes me scratch my head, like, ‘Why are we signing up for this rematch?'”


OUCH! Cordray’s running mate, Betty Sutton, also has a reputation of not being liked. As a former constituent of hers, this is a gripe I heard often from both Democrats and Republicans. Perhaps is a match made in heaven – or hell.

H/T: Free Beacon

Here’s Why You Should Vote For Lucy Stickan For SCC District 24

It’s rare to find a new candidate who earns support from both party leaders and grassroots leaders during a primary. That is a big gap to bridge during a contentious primary. Those of us who know Lucy Stickan understand why she has accomplished this during her short candidacy.

Stickan is running for State Central Committee in District 24. These races are often overlooked but are vital to the health of the party as they elect the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party and make other important decisions. These positions don’t come with a salary, but they do come with quite a bit of power and responsibility. That’s why it’s imperative to make the right decisions.

Lucy puts her heart on the line for Republican candidates. When so many Republican leaders abandoned Donald Trump after he was the nominee, Lucy actually quit her job in the U.S. Senate to volunteer full-time as a Cuyahoga Co-Chair for the campaign. She was a Kasich delegate to the convention, but when the Governor drew a line in the sand, Lucy crossed it and stood with Trump.

Lucy Stickan’s resume is filled with positions that are vital to the Republican Party. In addition to being the Chairwoman of the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County Executive Committee, Lucy is a board member of the NEO USO and the Purple Heart Homes of Cleveland. She is very devoted to causes involving assisting, supporting, and honor our veterans.

When a candidate needs support in Cuyahoga County, Lucy is one of the first people who is typically called. She is incredibly well respected by members of both the RPCC Central and Executive Committees. Stickan is so well regarded that she earned the unanimous endorsement from the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County.

There are four candidates running for this position. Nancy Suhadolnik has held the position for decades, but she is rarely seen in the district anymore as she spends a good portion of her time with her husband Gary in their Florida home. In fact, the Suhadolniks spend so much time in Florida that Gary, a Republican who supported Ted Strickland, is a registered voter in the Sunshine State while Nancy is registered to vote in Strongsville.

The current Committeewoman’s failure to properly represent the district is so noticeable that Republican Mayors and other elected officials throughout the district have endorsed Stickan. Lucy has even earned important endorsements right where the incumbent “lives.”Strongsville Mayor Tom Perciak endorsed Lucy. The Strongsville GOP also unanimously endorsed Stickan.

The 24th District deserves to have proper representation. We deserve to have a Committeewoman who seeks our input and votes our district. We need someone who will come to Republican clubs in the district to update us on the ORP. Lucy already does this, so the choice is rather clear.

It would be impossible to list all of the candidates Lucy Stickan has volunteered and led to victory over the years. But, she certainly is a candidate we all should support now.


Why Does Christina Hagan Slam Trump And His Allies When She Claims To Be “Pro Trump?”

While most campaigns are making their best pitch to voters, Christina Hagan and her staffers are acting like they are hitching a ride on a clown car. These stars of Amateur Hour are clearly not ready for the big show.

Hagan likes to bill herself as a “Pro Trump” candidate but in under 24 hours, her campaign has managed to slam Trump and one of his key allies in Congress.

On Tuesday morning, Hagan attempted to paint House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy as a “big government Republican.” There is a serious problem with a candidate attempting to run under the illusion of being “Pro Trump” making that claim.

Kevin McCarthy is considered to be one of Trump’s strongest allies in the House of Representatives. McCarthy was so instrumental in passing this year’s tax cuts that he earned praise from the President on Twitter.

McCarthy is such a loyal ally of Trump, that many view him to be Trump’s pick for Speaker of the House after Paul Ryan concludes his final term this year.

Hagan would have learned this had she spent a couple minutes on Google. Instead, she took to social media to slam one of the President’s allies while she claims to be “Pro Trump.”

When you’re explaining, you’re losing. Hagan has a lot of losing to do this final week of her campaign.

Christina Hagan’s staffers often trip over themselves lashing out at potential supporters. Even if they know someone doesn’t support their candidate, it is rarely wise for the campaign to ridicule people on social media. It’s often viewed as petty and childish. They are supposed to be professionals. As staffers, they represent the campaign.

Staffer Allan Betz took to Hagan’s Facebook page to slam someone for being engaged to a Democrat. Julie Jakmides is an Alliance Councilwoman. Betz felt it was appropriate to take a dig at her relationship for crossing party lines.

Campaign manager Brian Wollet also dabbled in petty politics when he oinked/snorted at former Hagan supporter Ralph King during the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County endorsement meeting. Not only is that not nice, it’s a foolish move that most people heard.

On Tuesday, I wrote at RedState that Hagan’s consultant Harlan Hill tweeted that Anthony Gonzalez’s use of the “unhinged” is “sexist.” Clutching your pearls without checking the facts is never a good idea. Two hours before, President Trump used the word “unhinged” in a tweet. Oops!

Petty politics is never wise. A campaign or its staffers should not be lashing out.  Oinking, ridiculing, and posting screenshots of former supporters doesn’t help Hagan’s cause.

Social media can be your friend or foe. People have a front row seat for when you act like a fool online. Hagan’s staffers have many of us reaching for the popcorn.

This all makes her look UNHINGED.


Visions Of Hillary: Why Is Hagan’s Campaign Coordinating With A Government Email Account?

Christina Hagan is continuing to run a hypocritical campaign on her quest to head to Capitol Hill. The State Representative who was appointed to her position while she was in college, repeatedly complains about politicians and her desire to “drain the swamp.”

It doesn’t take much research to discover that Hagan is knee deep in the swamp that she claims she is going to drain.

Family has become an important topic in the Republican Primary for the 16th Congressional District. Christina Hagan has charged Anthony Gonzalez’s campaign is coordinating with his Super PAC, which is run by his father.

It’s rather interesting that Hagan is referencing anyone’s “Daddy” in a derogatory manner given that numerous State Representatives believe she was appointed to her position in the Ohio House as a favor to her father, former State Representative John Hagan.

This is an also odd accusation as Hagan’s Super PAC is run by her husband’s stepfather. Even more interesting is the fact that Hagan’s mother-in-law, Kimberly Marshall is the Economic Development Director of the City of Medina.

Medina is not in Hagan’s State House District, so it’s hard to imagine a reason for Marshall to use her city email during city business hours to coordinate with Hagan and her campaign. But, she did.

Hagan, who should have plenty of knowledge about the inappropriateness of using a city email for apparent campaign coordinated activities, also emailed Marshall on her city email account a public records request exposed.

City resources should not be used for partisan activity, but that didn’t stop Kim Marshall from using her city email. She even did this during business hours on a Tuesday as you can see in the email screenshot below.

Hagan email

Hagan often replied to the City email account without much of a concern for the appropriateness of using government resources.


Hagan does not represent Medina County. However, it is in the 16th Congressional District so she can benefit from being made aware of events as she is actively campaigning there.


Marshall invited Hagan to be her guest at a Power of the Purse event. She suggested that the Congressional candidate make a donation, presumably for exposure to potential voters.


Using her city email, Marshall invited Hagan and others to be the guest of her husband’s company, Beacon Marshall, at the Power of the Purse event. Hagan replied to Marshall’s city email.


There are a number of Medina County events that Marshall suggested the Stark County State Representative attend. The City of Medina Economic Development Director sent these emails to both Hagan’s official campaign accounts. A couple of them are below.



Kimberly Marshall should know better than to use her government email account for campaign-related activity. Given that she is the City of Medina Economic Development Director, it’s important to look at the donors to the Hagan Super PAC that her husband Charles Marshall runs.

Hagan’s stepfather-in-law ponied up $100,000 to the PAC. Mark Sandridge also donated $25,000 to the Drain The Swamp Ohio PAC. Sandridge’s Sandridge Foods got a five-year Job Creation Grant from the City of Medina just last year. Perhaps this is coincidental, but for a candidate who repeatedly screams about “the swamp,” her campaign and PAC should want to steer clear of the implication of anything suspicious.


Hagan is likely to claim this is an attack on her family, but as Hagan and Marshall should have learned from Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, these emails and more are government documents and subject to public records requests.






A name was misspelled. It has been corrected.

More Questionable Money for Connie Pillich

While the Democrats are busy with the three ring circus they’ve created around Josh Mandel, they are doing their best to keep Connie Pillich’s name quiet. They have put more effort, by ten-fold, into attacking Mandel as they have promoting Pillich.

The reasons to not trust Connie Pillich are, well, numerous. For starters, it’s well known that Pillich is not only cozy with, but takes large amounts of money, from corrupt abortion doctors, citing them as a “top-10 donor” for her campaign.

Add to the list of “Connie’s Cronies” State Rep. Bob Hagan (D-Youngstown). He donated multiple times to Pillich’s campaign for re-election in 2012. Also, he’s a blatant racist, who disrespects voters, publicly.

You may recall Hagan finding himself in hot-water over his racist tirade in response to a voter on Facebook a few years ago.

St. Rep Bob Hagan (D-Youngstown) uses a racial slur against an African-American voter on a Facebook post.
St. Rep Bob Hagan (D-Youngstown) uses a racial slur against an African-American voter on a Facebook post.

Since then, he’s been a big supporter of Connie Pillich. And one can assume, she is a supporter of hers.

While the Ohio Democratic Party is busy ghost hunting in the Suarez ordeal, they are unable to control the looney birds standing up for Connie Pillich.

So, the latest count is a late-term abortionist who refuses to comply with the law, and racist, who has no problem showing it in a public setting.

Moving forward, one can only wonder what other crazies will come out for Connie.

Sensitive Ed Fitzgerald now deleting all opposing views from his Facebook page

We already knew that Ed Fitzgerald was a bit sensitive. After all, he ordered his staff to spell his name right on documents, to make sure the “G” is capitalized and to put his name down as “Edward”, not “Ed”. If it wasn’t perfectly according to his instructions, he said he would refuse to sign it, even in the case of emergencies. (He apparently doesn’t have to follow his own rules, though).

Now there’s another example that we have noticed.

On the day of Fitzgerald’s pathetic crowds for his announcement rallies, he made several posts on his Facebook page. I posted a link in the comments about our story where the Democrat blog Plunderbund had written articles accusing him of corruption.

Minutes later, my comment was gone. They had deleted it. Not only that, Eddy banned me from commenting on his Facebook posts.

Think it was just because I am a pesky blogger? Nope. Fitzgerald is having all opposing viewpoints deleted from his Facebook page. Below are some examples.

On May 8th, Fitzgerald posted about Nan Whaley. Check out the two comments that criticized Fitzgerald. They were deleted. In fact, only four comments still stand on that post as of this writing.


On the day of his announcement, he posted this photo of the tiny room they crammed people into to make it look like a packed crowd. Someone else posted our link. It disappeared almost immediately.


Just yesterday, he posted about National Police Week. A commenter asked why he fired a popular sheriff without cause, and her comment got deleted. This lady was also banned from commenting.


Now, I can understand if they deleted comments with profanity or racial slurs. But deleting comments just because they oppose your views or ask tough questions is lame. Head on over to Governor Kasich’s Facebook page. The comments stand.

Go check out Fitzgerald’s Facebook page and look at all the comments. Any tough questions or anything remotely critical has been deleted. Also, try it for yourself. Ask a tough question or post one of our links about him, and then immediately save a screenshot of it. Send it to our email address if you like. I’m betting they delete it within hours.

Well, I guess now we don’t have to wonder what Ed is doing on Facebook during those council meetings.


He’s busy deleting anyone who dares question him.

Is Ed Fitzgerald lying about his FBI “career”?

If you’ve read or watched any of the news stories about Ed Fitzgerald’s pathetic announcement “rallies” last week, you might have noticed a theme that his campaign is trying to push out there.



Ed Fitzgerald wants you to be impressed with his long 3-year stretch at the FBI right out of law school.

His campaign website claims that “He investigated political corruption and mafia influence, helping to bring the infamous Cicero crime syndicate to justice.”

On the Cuyahoga County website, his profile as County Executive goes further, saying that “As a Special Agent, FitzGerald was recognized by the FBI Director for excellence while heading up a wide-ranging and successful investigation into organized crime and political corruption.”

The Cleveland Challenger did some digging into Fitzgerald’s role in the investigation. They couldn’t find any evidence of Fitzgerald heading up the investigation into the Cicero gang. In fact, they couldn’t find Ed’s name mentioned at all.

Records from the U.S. Department of Justice and articles about the FBI’s investigations of Cicero, Illinois politicians and mobsters between 1992 and 2005 identify the FBI agents and prosecutors who were involved. Fitzgerald’s name is nowhere to be found.

Cleveland Challenger contacted the Chicago FBI office to obtain a copy of Fitzgerald’s personnel file to identify the specific dates of his employment and assignments. The newspaper was told that FBI personnel records are not public.

Fitzgerald has been extremely vague about his FBI activities to reporters who’ve taken the unchecked version of his alleged crime fighting career and shared it with readers, listeners and viewers. He joined the federal agency sometime in 1995 and left sometime in 1998, according to published reports. He’s omitted information about the specific months and dates of his employment, and has never shared information about exactly what he did with the agency as a “crime fighter.” The county executive has never revealed exactly who he investigated or put in jail, and how a junior FBI agent came to lead major federal investigations of murderous mobsters and corrupt politicians.

Three major FBI investigations of mobsters and politicians in Cicero took place before, during and after Fitzgerald’s brief employment with the agency in the Northern District of Illinois, but nowhere does his name appear in any federal document as playing a “leading” or “heading up” role as he has claimed.

Notice the tweet I posted above where Fitzgerald boasts about “helping convict the boss of the Capone Cicero Syndicate”.

Ed Fitzgerald claims to have brought down the Capone Syndicate
Ed Fitzgerald claims to have brought down the Capone Syndicate
The Capone Cicero Syndicate?

Really? Capone?!

Did Ed get his junior G-man badge and travel decades back in time to the prohibition era to help put Al Capone behind bars? Was there another organized crime outfit known as the “Capone Cicero Syndicate?” A Google search of “Capone Chicago Syndicate” yields exactly two results as of this writing. One is the tweet mentioned above and the other is a blog post written about Ed published just last week that uses the same language Ed’s campaign used in that tweet.

Also mysterious is that the very Chicago Tribune article that Ed’s tweet links to makes no mention of Ed Fitzgerald at all. It also does not use the phrase “Capone Cicero Syndicate” or refer to the defendants as such anywhere. Notice also that the article is dated 2002, four years after Fitzgerald quit the FBI. Was he really crucial at all to the conviction of the case when it happened four years after he quit?

This whole campaign mantra that Ed Fitzgerald was some sort of super crime-fighter smacks of desperation. Seriously, when someone starts making up how they brought down the “Capone Syndicate”, your BS meter should be pegging the needle. If anything, Fitzgerald was probably involved at the lowest and most menial of levels, and then he quit before the job was finished, (just like his job as County Executive). Fifteen years later he’s telling us he headed up the investigation and claims responsibility for the conviction. That dog don’t hunt.

The fact is, that Fitzgerald has been accused of corruption himself by his fellow Democrats by awarding a contract in exchange for a campaign contribution at the direction of convicted former commissioner Jimmy DiMora, the kingpin of the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal.

I guess when your career is as lacking in accomplishment as Ed’s is, and you are the Ohio Democrats’ third or fourth choice as the nominee, you tend to start making up stories about heading up wide ranging investigations that brought down the Capone family.

We challenge Ed Fitzgerald to produce any records of involvement that show that he headed up any investigation of the case he linked to in the Tribune.

The Ohio Democratic Party really scraped the bottom of the barrel to come up with a challenger for 2014.