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Class warfare insults the intelligence of Ohioans.

For months, the Ohio Democratic Party tried to portray Kasich with such ridiculous identifiers as this one:

“…Making tens of millions of dollars as Managing Director at Lehman Brothers…”

But now even after learning Kasich made, at best, 1/17th that $10M number at Lehman, Democrats still want to wage class warfare with their most recent attack on the gubernatorial hopeful.

But is that such a good idea?

After all, two Democratic Senators who served Ohio honorably(though with awful ideas), John Glenn and Howard Metzenbaum, were worth at least $13,000,000 back in 1992.

Or there’s President Obama. His 2008 returns showed him with a net worth of approximately $3,700,000.

How about the woman Governor Strickland endorsed for President? She was estimated to be worth $21.5 million in 2008.

And then there’s Ohio’s own Democratic Congressman Charlie Wilson. He’s estimated to be worth somewhere between $6 and $7 million. That’s at least six times what Kasich made in 2008.

I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath on any press releases from the Ohio Dems showing how Wilson makes 141 times what “ordinary” Ohioans make, eh?

Does hypocrisy get anymore blatant?

And now that Kasich has now unveiled his tax records, the question now becomes whether Governor Strickland lives up to his pledge to release his medical records.

But at the end of the day, every American should have the right to be as successful as Kasich, Metzenbaum, or Wilson. There’s nothing wrong with utilizing your skills to provide for your family.

While Kasich didn’t make as much as many Democrats, he still made a comfortable income that helped provide for his family. And good for him.

And I’m sure every Ohioan wishes the state’s economy made these kinds of personal successes a little less rare.

At the end of the day, Kasich’s tax return proved two things; 1) Kasich did not make enough money at Lehman Brothers to be considered anywhere close to the level where decisions were made to put Lehman out of business, and 2) Kasich did not profit off of Lehman’s failure.

Seeing as the Democrats first line of attack after learning of the tax return was to go after him on his income, rather than being in any way responsible for Lehman’s failures(as had been inferred for months), it’s clear even the ODP knows that talking point is dead.

But this latest tactic does make me wonder one thing, when will Kasich’s elementary school grades turn into an ODP press release?

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