Cordray throws up white flag.

On Wednesday, we posted about Mike DeWine’s challenge to Richard Cordray to stand up against the “Cornhusker Kickback”, the bribe that won Ben Nelson’s vote in the Senate for Obamacare.

Since 13 Attorneys General across the country challenged the bribe with a potential lawsuit back on December 31st, Cordray has been silent.

Until today.

This release came from Cordray’s office this afternoon:

As lawmakers work to negotiate differences in the House and Senate versions of federal health care reform legislation, Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray is urging members of Ohio’s congressional delegation to oppose the provision that would give preferential treatment to the state of Nebraska.

Unfortunately, Cordray refuses to use the power granted him as Attorney General to challenge the bribe in a court of law, but hey, at least he finally understands how the bribe screws the Buckeye State.

Thank Mike DeWine, Ohio.

Cordray is seen here rehearsing his bowing to DeWine’s will