Could this day have gone any worse for Ohio Democrats?

First, Jennifer Brunner’s day is ruined when Obama’s campaign manager endorses Lee Fisher.

Then, the Democrat state standard bearer, Governor Ted Strickland, learns he’s down 9 points to an opponent who has yet to run one advertisement.

And now it’s Fisher’s turn….

Perhaps Plouffe is just working overtime, but his firm — AKPD Message and Media ­– also does media consulting for Fisher, who is the frontrunner in the Democratic primary where he faces Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. According to campaign finance reports, the Fisher campaign had paid more than $3,100 for media production to AKPD so far this cycle through Sept. 30.

According to a top Fisher aide, the campaign approached Plouffe independently about writing an e-mail in support of their candidate. The Fisher aide also said Plouffe has not worked on any campaigns this fall and instead has been traveling to promote his book.

What’s more, another top gun at AKPD, Larry Grisolano, is the principal on Fisher’s media campaign. A phone call to AKPD for comment was not returned.

According to the AKPD Web site, Plouffe is a senior adviser for the firm.

It’s hard to understate how obnoxiously embarrassing this is for the Fisher campaign.

Not to mention, amateurish.

3BP has not heard any word yet on whether Fisher is going to try to get TARP funds to pay for Axelrod’s endorsement.