CQ calls out the DCCC

Now, I can’t blame the Democrats’ Congressional Campaign Committee, the DCCC, for wanting to encourage the perception that they can play offense in the 2010 cycle.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t make fun of them for it.

Instead, I’ll let Congressional Quarterly call them out for me.

In an effort to show they are playing offense in what is expected to be a tough year for their party, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a list Thursday of 26 “Races to Watch” this cycle. The committee’s list highlighted more than two dozen open-seat or challenger races, including 17 “Top Races” and nine more “Emerging Races.”

But according to a review of the competitiveness of these races using CQ Politics race ratings, many of these seats will be long shots at best for Democrats to win in 2010.


CQ Politics rates ten more races as Likely Republican, which means that they are highly unlikely to switch hands in 2010: […] Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio)…


Again, let’s take a look at the numbers for the DCCC’s Races to Watch:

Three are rated as Likely Democratic or Leans Democratic, two of which are open-seat races.

Two are rated as Tossups and currently held by Democrats, both of which are open-seat races.

Eight are rated as Leans Republicans and held by Republicans, none of which are open-seat races.

Ten are rated as Likely Republican held by Republicans, two of which are open-seat races.

Three are rated as Safe Republican held by Republicans, one of which is an open-seat race.

That’s not great math for House Democrats looking to play offense in 2010.

Paula Brooks, you are really wasting your time.