Day 1 Fail.


What a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad rollout for the Strickland re-election campaign.

Let’s go over it, bullet by bullet.

  • The campaign picks the absolute worst news day of the month to announce both Strickland’s re-election campaign AND the LG. Clearly, they prefer playing 2nd fiddle on the front page.
  • A perplexing and discombobulated “new media” strategy to inform social media users first – fails.
  • A youtube video of Strickland and Brown is produced in someone’s garage and put online two hours prior to the announcement. (on a sidenote, beginning at the 0:52 mark, Ted does his best awkward impression of Mr. Shake Hands Man from the old USA show, “Banzai”)
  • A last-minute “oh crap, we should livestream this” effort nets about 250 viewers….total. (for reference, Kasich had 25k+ for his LG announcement)
  • And finally, the press availability after the event was described by one Statehouse reporter as a “mess”.

If this is a sign of things to come, 11.2.10 is sure to be the beginning of A New Way and A New Day.

One thought on “Day 1 Fail.”

  1. I watched you and ModernEsquire go back and forth for the past couple weeks and stayed out of it.

    I can honestly say now that you may have been on to something re: Strickland’s pick. If you noticed the Kasich-Taylor backdrop at the announcement (even though it looked like a football postgame press conference sponsor), you could tell it was professionally done and it looked sharp.

    With Strickland’s, his inability to get a firm commit from a running mate, forced him to staple up what look to be running bibs to a backdrop.

    I know that a couple of signs on the back don’t mean that Jon has been right, but it sure looks like a lack of preparation by the STrickland folks

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