Democrats are trying too hard.

One of the recent criticisms of Republicans of late has been of Congressmen who voted against the Stimulus going back to their districts and working to ensure their constituents get the funds obligated them.

Democrats call it hypocrisy.

Smart people laugh at that claim.

Like Greg Mankiw, professor of Economics at Harvard University:

Let me offer an analogy. Many Democratic congressmen opposed the Bush tax cuts. That was based, I presume, on their honest assessment of the policy. But once these tax cuts were passed, I bet these congressmen paid lower taxes. I bet they did not offer to hand the Treasury the extra taxes they would have owed at the previous tax rates. Would it make sense for the GOP to suggest that these Democrats were disingenuous or hypocritical? I don’t think so. Many times, we as individuals benefit from policies we opposed. There is nothing wrong about that.