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Does Robert Hagan work with the Governor’s Inmate Program?

Yesterday, two liberal State Representatives introduced a really silly bill.

Two House Democrats on Thursday, May 6, targeted Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich and his personal finances with proposed legislation to require statewide, non-judicial candidates to disclose their federal income tax returns or amounts of income in a sworn statement.

Foley and Hagan are using their elected office to waste taxpayer dollars and propose a bill 100% designed to score political points against John Kasich and has zero hope of passage.

Fine. Whatever.

It’s disappointing to see, but hey, it’s politics.

In response, Kasich’s team is doing exactly what I hoped they would when we started talking about the silly attacks Democrats would be making all campaign season – bring it all back to the Governor’s record. Remind voters just how bad things have gotten under his watch.

Kasich campaign spokesman Rob Nichols sent an e-mail with this reaction:

“John and Karen have already released more information than they were required to and if the General Assembly changes the law, they’ll be glad to comply.

“Frankly, if Ted Strickland worried less about John’s money and more about the taxpayers’ money, maybe we wouldn’t be facing an $8 billion budget hole.”

But the most amusing part of the press conference yesterday came from Hagan himself.

While it seems to have went unreported, it’s been relayed to me by an attendee that Hagan claimed it’s possible that Kasich is actually a BILLIONAIRE. With a “B”.

If Mr. Hagan actually believes that to be true it’s very possible he’s also been spending waaaaayyyy too much time on the other side of the Governor’s fence waiting for his stash to be thrown over.

A billionaire? Seriously? The fact it wasn’t even reported gives you an idea how much credibility Democrats have lost in this fight.

Ok, fine. It’s true. Kasich’s a billionaire. And the reason he should be elected is because he’s going to use his fortune to fill the $8 billion black hole in the budget Ted Strickland left Ohio.

There ya have it. Kasich’s plan to save Ohio. And Mr. Hagan and his Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds got it out of us.

Damn. Foiled again.

Mr. Hagan, when you’re ready to get out of your toy sandbox and join the adults at the big person table, let us know.

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