Don’t Worry Taxpayers, You Got This!

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Thank you for another burden on the taxpayers, President Obama. Lockheed Martin, one of the top 5 defense contractors, released that it would not be issuing layoff notices this year. “Citing guidance from the White House released Sept. 28 that the government would shoulder the cost of potential lawsuits if broad factory closing are required, the company has decided not to issue notices that it previously said would be required under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, Lockheed Martin spokeswoman Jennifer Allen wrote in an email.”

Well, isn’t that nice. You, me and every other taxpaying citizen in the United States will be paying for the White House’s request that Lockheed Martin hold off on sending out layoff notices. It is not a mere coincidence that the White House is trying to delay these WARN notices until after the November election. 


“The White House on Sept. 28 issued guidance stating the Labor Department has determined a possible $500 billion, 10-year reduction to planned defense spending fails to create the conditions that would trigger a law requiring defense firms to issue layoff notices.” according to

The White House really thinks that a $500 billion cut in defense spending will not impact jobs? No wonder the Obama Administration has difficulty creating jobs. They fail to grasp that a significant cut to an industry, will not only harm our national security, but create substantial job losses.

Given the situation in the Middle East, and the recent events in Libya and Cairo, defense spending is the last item that needs to be cut. The United States of America has been the “Leader of the Free World”. If we begin to make considerable cuts to our defense spending, there is no telling where our country will be in four more years.

We cannot sustain another four years of Barack Obama. He and his cronies have no idea what they are doing. It is inexcusable to tell an entity such as Lockheed Martin, “Hey, don’t worry about complying with federal law, such as the WARN Act. The government will pick up the tab for any possible litigation.”. President Obama should be ashamed. This is irresponsible and will be catastrophic to the national security of the United States of America.

It’s time we elect real leadership. Vote Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on Tuesday, November 6th. For more information, please visit

4 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Taxpayers, You Got This!”

  1. The fact that a law as ignorantly conceived as the warn act is mind boggling..
    More Nanny State bullshit!!

  2. We should elect Paul Ryan, who supports these defense cuts and haled their passage as a victory?!?


    1. He supports cutting $500 billion from defense? Not accurate. The debt limit deal was one that nobody thought was a winner.

      And he sure doesn’t support bribing defense contractors from giving layoff notices until after the election for political purposes.

    2. come on, Nick – don’t confuse Modern with those pesky facts – he does not let them get in the way of a good story anyway

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