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Desperation Sets In: Fitz Goes Full Clinton; Asks For Interns


Ed Fitzgerald smiles like a groupie when he's with Bill Clinton.

Ed Fitzgerald smiles like a groupie when he’s with Bill Clinton.

Ed Fitzgerald has had a brutal summer.  

In late June, a Quinnipiac Poll showed Fitzgerald trailing Governor Kasich by double digits.  Then it was discovered that police were summoned to find Fitzgerald alone with a Irish lady friend in a secluded Westlake parking lot at 4:30 am.  Then the public found out that Fitzgerald had gone a decade without a proper driver’s license, yet he seemed to be driving often. Fitzgerald went into hiding for a few days then returned to strangely remind everyone that his son had cancer a few years ago but is still healthy. To add insult to injury, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern announced that Fitzgerald neglected to get a proper driver’s license because he is a “horrible procrastinator.”

Earlier this week, Fitzgerald encountered another problem.  With poor fundraising prospects, constant scandals and poor polling, he was abandoned by the bulk of his out of state staffers. Desperate for some cheap free help, the Fitzgerald campaign sent out requests for unpaid interns to students at The Ohio State University. Perhaps Fitzgerald got this idea from Bill Clinton when the former President read his resume.

The Democrats who want to raise the minimum wage are seeking out UNPAID interns.



I don’t know exactly what kind of experience these students could benefit from, unless it is to learn what not to do.  The ODP didn’t properly vet their gubernatorial candidate and he will likely take down their entire statewide ticket. It really appears to be unsalvageable for Fitzgerald whose poor judgment interfered with his lofty political ambitions.

With little cash, a politically neutered candidate and staff heading to the hills, Fitzgerald seeks interns who will be rewarded by having their resumes soiled by being associated with this parody of a campaign.


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