Edward FitzGerald: Overly Ambitious Diva

cover-1Ed FitzGerald allegedly wants to run the state, but before he graces Ohioans with such a decision you’d better learn how to spell his name — or else.

The Cleveland County Executive warned his staff that if his name is spelled wrong he won’t touch it, regardless of urgency.

The Plain Dealer published the memo he had sent out:

“Effective immediately, regardless of deadlines or emergencies, Ed will no longer sign letters, contracts, documents, etc. that does not have his name spelled properly (Edward FitzGerald),” FitzGerald’s administrative assistant Tanya Hairston wrote. “Additionally, please remember that his last name does have a capital G and should be used accordingly. I have also be informed to please return any documents that does not conform with his instructions to the sender.”

One wonders whether he’ll return donors’ campaign checks which erroneously contain a ‘G’ that isn’t capitalized.

And it’s “Edward.” Not “Ed.” Get it right.

16 thoughts on “Edward FitzGerald: Overly Ambitious Diva”

  1. What a pretentious bag of wind that guy must be! He sounds as arrogant as Barack Obama and that is quite an accomplishment.

    And Mr.”fiTzgeraLd” is really onto something with his “regionalism czar” concept — just the thing to fix local government. After all, that approach works so well at the federal level you know.

  2. It’s pathetic that a memo emanating from the County is replete with grammatical errors, if Tanya Hairston was quoted verbatim. What a sad commentary on the quality of the staff running our government. Do we have any standards?

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