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El Weekendo

Quite a week, eh?

Full of Bron Bron and Chickens. Oh, and that pesky jobs crisis.

The week is ending with a particularly amusing video from the Ohio Dems making charges that Kasich has been spending all his time in NYC and ignoring Ohio.

The amusing part? Kasich was in NYC for less than 24 hours. A number of the clips in their video were actually recorded in Ohio. Even Glenn Beck says “From Ohio”. (nice editing there, fellas) They also claim Kasich had a book signing in NYC. Which is a lie. Of course, this comes from the same guys who claimed Kasich said he didn’t want LeBron in Cleveland. Which also was a lie. And a weird one, at that. But hey, I’m sure Kasich appreciates the free publicity for his book. However, considering its already #7 on the NYT Bestseller list, maybe it’s not even needed.

At the end of the day, the charge against Kasich that he’s out of Ohio too much is particularly silly when you look at how many times Strickland has ran from his responsibilities. After all, a report from the Dispatch all the way back in March showed that Strickland had taken 26(!) out of state trips for fundraising purposes just in 2009 and through 3 months of 2010. Wonder what he’s up to by now…

But I guess all that straining from the Dems to talk about anything but the issues that matter to Ohioans can take it’s toll. But at least they’re trying. As opposed to Mary Jo Kilroy who has taken to sleeping on the job.

But enough politics.

Where’s the fun stuff, you ask?

Well, my 2nd favorite youtube of the week combines OK Go and the Muppets. It’s hard to go wrong with that combo.

And of course we now have the USA now in the elimination rounds of the World Cup.

They play Ghana tomorrow afternoon, and of course, I’m going to miss it thanks to a poorly scheduled wedding of a friend. Is it bad form to keep checking twitter for updates when the couple is exchanging vows? Hmmm…

But I leave you with this absolutely fantastic video of reactions to Landon Donovan’s dramatic goal against Algeria. They come from across the United States and around the world…and if this doesn’t help you appreciate the World Cup, nothing will.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

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