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The EPA Is Trying To Its Flex Muscle But Ohio Should Continue Saying NO!

The federal government has grown into something it was never intended to be. Its lust for power and control continues to snowball over the rights of the states and local control. And this is incredibly prevalent in the EPA’s overreach.

This overreach is a real problem for states like Ohio. We are fortunate enough to have a bounty of coal here. This keeps our energy rates lower. But, the Obama Administration has made attempts to choke and cripple the coal industry in the name of climate control. That will have a massive impact on those of us who rely on coal to keep our lights on.

The EPA’s Clean Power Plan intends to reduce carbon dioxide from coal and gas fired power plants in 47 states. But, this plan’s effect on global warming is meaningless. It is simply an attempt to take down a cheap source of energy.

Ohio is one of those states the EPA has targeted. Along with 26 other states, Ohio sued the EPA to stop the Power Plan. And the Supreme Court took an unprecedented step of staying the plan on February 9. This stay means the plan cannot be enforced until SCOTUS has a final ruling on the legality. So, states are not obligated to implement these cumbersome regulations. The court will not likely rule for another year or two.

But, the EPA continues trying to put the screws to the states and encourage them to enact the Clean Power Plan. There is no reason for Ohio or any other state to do this, especially at this time. In a time when so many of us are crunched for cash, we cannot handle the undue burden of higher energy bills.

The EPA is likely pushing this because they want it to be part of the Obama legacy. SCOTUS will give a final ruling after Obama’s second term ends. But, Ohioans have no reason to unnecessarily pay higher energy bills simply to help provide a checkmark for Obama’s agenda.

Imagine one of the roughly 2 million families in Ohio that bring home around $1,900 a month and spend 17% of their income on energy. If those prices are increased, as this plan will absolutely do, it will devastate these people, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck. But, this is the effect the EPA would have with its plan. Our rates are projected to increase by double digits if these regulations are put into place.

It would be a waste of money, time and resources to enact this plan that may very well be deemed to be illegal. And we have no reason to enact it at this time. So, why should we gamble on it? We cannot demand Ohio families sacrifice for the greater good of the climate change police and offer next to no rewards on the environment.

Hopefully, Ohio stays the course and doesn’t move forward with this EPA overreach. We can’t afford these choking regulations.



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