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Ok, so let’s just face it — no one is going to be slapping any Jindal ’12 bumper stickers on their car anytime soon.

While last night wasn’t a disaster, it definitely could have gone much better. And the Louisiana Governor is only partly to blame. The performance had two main problems:

  1. The story – Yes, sometimes stories help convey a sense of humanity within our politicians. It may help set-up the message. But whatever it was last night that came out of the Gov’s mouth was just a colossally bad decision. His delivery was absolutely atrocious. As my apolitical girlfriend said while watching the speech, “does he think I’m in third grade”? Clearly the Gov made a poor decision, the question is whether he was overprepared or underconsulted. Either way, it sucked.
  2. The environment – Some comments I saw from conservatives last night questioned whether Jindal had any fire. Well folks, it’s hard to have any fire or enthusiasm when talking to a camera in the middle of the hallway of your house. Without an audience, a speaker must be able to convey a conversational tone out of thin air, and that is something that takes time to polish.

Last night, Bobby Jindal should have read only the last half of his speech from the desk in his den with a flag behind his shoulder. When he speaks on substantive policy, he’s able to do it clearly and with conviction. And most importantly, we trust him. This is a guy who at 37 already had accomplished much more than Obama did when he decided to run for President. He knows what he’s talking about and he has the record to prove it.

The fact is, Jindal is the anti-Obama. Great on his feet, but deficient with a teleprompter. Have any doubts? Watch this past week’s Meet the Press.

Alas, Gov. Jindal is still going to receive a bit of the Palin treatment from the left. And if my Tweet Grid is any indication, Obamamaniacs can’t wait to harass him.

Calling him Piyush, folks? Really? Weren’t you the same ones who bitched about lame-ass Republicans calling Obama by his middle name?

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