ESPN’s Craig James for Senate?

Recently, I caught wind of an interesting rumor from a reader down in Texas.

Caroline was good enough to share some info about Craig James and his possible interest in running for a seat in the U.S. Senate representing the good people of Texas.

Yes. This Craig James.

Yep. Apparently the announcer and analyst for college football on ESPN had caught a bit of the political bug.

Here’s the info straight from Caroline’s mouth:

Ok, here’s the lowdown on James. He’s a rancher north of Dallas and everybody knows about his broadcasting. He did some lobbying in Austin for a bill the last legislative session and some people approached him about running for something. One of his old SMU connections who was Rudy’s national finance guy got him thinking about the Senate, and then mentioned it to Gov. Perry, who liked it. So he’s been working the aisles behind the scenes and trying to get up to speed on policy, etc. Then they commissioned a DC firm to do some polling with all of the declared and potential candidates in the race, and he came in 4th: Dewhurst was 1st (lieutenant gov), Bill White (former mayor of Houston), John Sharp (longtime Texas Dem), and James. He was ahead of 3 other R candidates who have been running for awhile. Once they threw in the ESPN and football player stuff, he was first. That got the consultants interested.

He’s a fairly bright guy even though he sounds simple minded on TV. He’s definitely got the bug and will run for something. Even if Hutchison loses the GOP primary for Governor and stays in the Senate, her term is up in 2012 and he may be willing to wait for that.

Things that make you go hmmmm.

60 thoughts on “ESPN’s Craig James for Senate?”

  1. Well, he’s got one thing going for him…hes got good hair like our very own Governor “good hair” Rick Perry

    Senator “Good Hair” James …has a ring to it

  2. Maybe his Daddy can make some phone calls for him. Good luck to you James, you justed ticked off an entire state of Red Raiders.

  3. Craig James can go fuck himself.
    He sure as hell won’t be getting any vote from here in Lubbock.

    Craig James University Death Toll: 2

  4. He helped one university get the death penalty and brought another to there knees. Why the senate? Looks like he’s qualified for president. What an A-hole! Always has been and will always be one!

  5. just a thought. Could James have used the incident at Tech to get favors or cash for a senate seat from boosters ie Jim Sowell (sp)or others? Could they have sold it as spring bored for safety to get a bill passed/or a cause for a platform?

  6. Craig James is not a senator material. He is a shame to Texas and he has neither ethics nor moral standards. He is a looser and ESPN should get rid of him,

  7. “I’m a concerned parent…”? Your kid is 21 and needs to grow up. The only concern that you have is that you didn’t get your way with Leach who was trying to run a team – something he was getting paid for.

    I think the senate is too full of greedy, self gratifying people.

    Good luck C. James, you won’t get my vote.

  8. Craig James, you been playing politics for years. The crap you have pulled with your son and Texas Tech, I highly doubt anyone will back and support you. I just hope ESPN has the sense to terminate your contract so you may look for employment! I will not support ESPN with anything that Craig James touches.

  9. Craig James took payouts in college, he’ll take them in politics too. Politics is a dirty business, and he knows how to play dirty

  10. I live in Fort Worth and let me tell you that man will not see a dime from any Red Raiders in the Metroplex, he might as well move to Mexico or Canada because he just dug himself a HUGE HOLE!!

  11. Craig James will be “let go” from ESPN for his unethical dealings with Texas Tech Administrators.

  12. craig james is now a laughing stock…not among a handful of wannabe highrollers at Texas Tech but among the masses who will be voting. perry will turn on him in a second when the next polls are done (post ruining Texas Tech’s football program). the wannabe highrollers at tech pulled a typical politician stunt. Kent Hance, Jim Sowell, Alan White and cronies delivered the …”you silly dumb tech fans don’t know what is best for your football us..we don’t want a football coach that outnegotiated us and is smarter than we are”

  13. He blew his chance. He should drop his attempt and go back to whining when his grown kids get hurt. Loser!!!!!

  14. I’ve NEVER voted for a democrat in my life. If it was between Craig James and a democrat…I’d have to hold my nose and vote for the democrat!

    He is so arrogant that he doesn’t realize that he didn’t have credibility before (people REMEMBER SMU IN THE mid 70’s) and he CERTAINLY HAS NONE NOW!

    I would NEVER vote for that lying, cheating, Ken Doll (looks pretty, empty on the inside)

  15. If this non-qualified cry baby makes it I’m dropping the Republican party. This party seems lost and this is a move of desperation. What happened to the GOP?

  16. Maybe he accepted a payoff from the Dems who wanted a little help ruining the GOP’s reputation????

    He makes me want to switch parties.

    Can we say backfire?

  17. C. James’ actions have been reckless, self-serving, and have shown a huge amount of legal ineptness…is this what Texas wants for representation?

  18. His first pro campaign in Washington saw James and the Feds struggle to a 4–14 record. He rushed for 823 yards and 4 TDs in 14 games (starting 14). He also caught 40 passes out of the backfield that season.The following year, 1984, James suffered a knee injury on Sunday, March 4, in a game at RFK against the Philadelphia Stars. He was placed on injured reserve later that week. He was subsequently released by the cash-strapped Federals a month later, allowing him to join the Patriots for their training camp in August that Cabinets

  19. Jesse Craig “Pony” James (born January 2, 1961 in Jacksonville, Texas) is an American sports commentator for games on the ABC and ESPN television networks. Prior to becoming a sportscaster, James was a professional football player for the New England Patriots of the National Football League and for the Washington Federals of the United States Football League.

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