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Everyone hates Ted Strickland: Part #493

Today’s Ted Strickland is an failure editorial comes from the Dayton Daily News’ Ellen Belcher.

Some gems:

He had two years to figure out what to do on school funding. When he rolled out his big plans, he endorsed requiring children to go to school for longer periods, and he wants to raise the academic bar to get more kids to college.

But when it came to paying for his changes, he didn’t have any brilliant ideas, and when it came to spending money, he pretended that the lack of it doesn’t matter. Mostly, he wants credit for intentions.


When libraries close, when people in group homes lose their state funding, when parks fill up with trash, when seniors stop getting their in-home care, when exceptional charter schools close, when students lose their scholarships, do you think voters aren’t going to notice?

The governor alone isn’t accountable for Ohio’s well-being. But he is the man at the top. And he has an obligation to level with people about what will happen if Ohio just cuts its way out of its hole.

He has shamelessly not done that. And it’s because his foremost concern is being re-elected.


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