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Facebook explains it all.

Over the past few months, I’ve taken to posting links to this blog and other news items that interested me on my facebook page.

After all, to me, facebook was created for one to network and share their lives with others. To me, politics and policy are of great interest, so I enjoy sharing what catches my eye.

Well, today on facebook I linked to this article.

Obviously, I was outraged. When you start taxing my favorite beverage in order to provide universal health care, you go too far. So, I shared the link on my facebook page.

Two faces from my past, one from my days growing up in Worthington, Ohio and another friend from my time at Kenyon, both decided to comment.

I quote:

Whalen: they should tax facebook status updates…just throwing out alternatives…on second thought, that might increase my tax bill by a couple more g’s…nevermind

Denise: [He] could pay for our entire country’s health care if they taxed facebook status updates! Great idea Whalen!

This brief interchange between Whalen and Denise about my facebook updates exposes the amazing disconnect between Republicans and Democrats, or if you prefer, common sense and liberals.

Sure, they were just having fun and teasing, but the fact they were even capable of such logic – that taxing something brings in more money, is unfortunate, and also the way so many liberals think. Don’t believe me?

Ask Ted Strickland if tax revenues have gone down with Ohio having the one of the worst tax environments in the country.

Ask Maryland where a year after Maryland became one of the first states to create a higher tax bracket for millionaires, the number of Marylanders in that bracket appears to be declining.

For the hell of it, let’s take their joke seriously. Say they did start taxing facebook updates – would I still want to update my page if I had to pay money everytime? Of course not, and in turn, no tax revenue would be gained.

But still, liberals believe taxing something magically brings in more money. Presto. Just like that. They don’t understand that taxing something changes behavior.

Maybe if they’ll just read more of my facebook updates…

Welcome to 3BP!

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