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Federal stimulus not so stimulating for Ohio

When I think of Ohio’s job crisis, I think of Jack and Rose in the movie, Titanic.

(I know. Stay with me, here.)

After the ship has gone down [read: Ohio jobs], Rose [read: Jello Ted Strickland] makes Jack [The Federal Stimulus] promise to never let go. [as seen here in this ridiculous photo]

But he doesn’t.

And according to data in the Columbus Dispatch, the stimulus isn’t keeping its promise, either. Why? Because, like Jack, it was doomed from the beginning.

Let me explain.

Back in February, Governor Strickland said about the federal stimulus, “these resources will save or create more than 130,000 jobs for Ohioans.”

Now, eight months later, with just 18.8% of Ohio’s stimulus funds even disbursed, Ohio only has 13,144 jobs to show for it.

At that rate of job per dollar spending, Ohio will only have “saved or created” about 66,000 jobs upon exhaustion of the funds.

That’s barely half of the jobs promised when Governor Strickland came back from begging Washington to save him from the mess he created.

Now, for the sake of argument, let’s give Jello Ted a break and pretend all 66,000 jobs are created, and not “saved”. That still would only account for 1/5 of all the jobs lost under his administration.

Sorry, Governor. Jack let go.

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