Fitzgerald Wants To Take Chief Wahoo Down With Him


It’s amazing how out of touch someone can be. First we heard that Ed Fitzgerald got lost in a secluded parking lot with an Irish lady friend at 4:30 am. Next we learned that Fitzgerald was driving without a proper license for ten years. After going into hiding, he returned to remind us that his son had cancer a few years ago but is doing okay today.

In the middle of what appears to be a very strange midlife crisis, Fitzgerald decided to run for Governor. It’s like “Old School” meets “Saved By The Bell.” Before all this happened, Fitzgerald’s chances of winning were slim as he was losing badly.  A majority of Northeast Ohio voters didn’t even recognize him.  These strange occurrences have doomed his path to the Governor’s mansion and provided us with loads of entertainment the past two weeks.

And then something that wasn’t funny happened.  Fitzgerald told the Columbus Dispatch that he wants Chief Wahoo gone.  This is a man who is the Cuyahoga County Executive. The Cleveland Indians play here. We love the Indians and we love Chief Wahoo.

Is Fitzgerald intent on losing Cuyahoga County as well as the rest of the state?  Chief Wahoo is not fodder for cheap political gain. This will not play well in Northeastern Ohio.  It’s not even something to joke about. Outside of liberal editorial writers, the idea of nixing the Chief is pretty much a conversation killer.

State Senator Eric Kearney, who happened to be Fitzgerald’s first choice as a running mate, introduced a resolution asking for the Indians to kill Chief Wahoo. An elected official who can’t seem to pay his taxes feels the need to tell a privately owned entity that they need to change their mascot.

This is something the Democrats are serious about.  The Obama Administration used the US Patent Office to attempt to force the Washington Redskins into a name change.  Then Kearney takes on Chief Wahoo.  Then Fitzgerald does.

Thankfully for us Indians fans, the political career of Ed Fitzgerald is over. An experienced driver couldn’t even handle maneuvering around the roadblocks he put in his own path to Columbus.  Certainly one with only a learner’s permit is going nowhere.


Author: Rachel

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  1. Good grief, John Kasich was born under a lucky star, with a rabbit’s foot in both pockets of he pants and a horse shoe for a belt buckle. Seems to me that Ed Fitzgerald might be the ultimate weapon for democrat voter suppression? Maybe we will all belt our a few wahoos on election night.

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