Ganley’s Big Move – What it means in Ohio & the Nation

Where did you hear it first?

Yours truly.

But what does it mean for the big races in Ohio, and the nation?

Believe it or not, Ganley’s move has caused a bit of a ripple effect across the political landscape.

The best way to look at this is to determine the winners and losers of the decision…


Rob Portman – Obviously, being able to avoid a potentially costly primary is a huge win for Portman. While he almost assuredly would have won against Ganley, it’s quite possible he would have needed to spend much of his $6 million to ensure his victory.

John Boehner – The House Minority Leader not only clears the primary field, but gets another potential vote for Speaker if Ganley wins.

The Tea Party – Ganley had garnered a bit of support among the Tea Partiers across the state. They now have a chance to have their own candidate get full Party backing in what is sure to be a high profile race. The question is whether Ganley tries to distance himself at all from the Tea Party movement considering the political demographics of the 13th District.


Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner – Portman gets to keep all his cash and wait to spend it against Fisher or Brunner(yeah, right) as they emerge broke and damaged from the Democrat primary. This is the last thing either of the Democrats wanted to hear.

Betty Sutton – Duh. Obviously, Rep. Sutton wasn’t expecting this or else she would have more than $200k cash on hand for her re-elect. Now, right off the bat she has only 1/6 the cash of Ganley, and Ganley has every motivation to drop more into the race.

DCCC – Sutton will need help. And lots of it. This means the DCCC will be forced to defend a seat they never thought they would ever have to in 2010. And that means a lot of cash that won’t go to other targeted races.

Race analysis:

This is going to be an interesting one. Yes, Sutton has garnered over 60% in both of her races in 2006 and 2008, but there was a report of an internal GOP poll showing Ganley UP by 3% that was the final driver in pushing him into the race. If true, that says a lot about Ohio’s political environment.

We also have the interesting scenario of a millionaire auto-dealer going up against the creator of cash-for-clunkers. While this won’t be a primary theme of the race, it will be interesting to watch how it plays out.

Ultimately, this is going to be a costly race for both candidates. And that’s bad news for the Democrats. Even if Sutton does win, it will pull resources, both financially and in manpower, that could have gone elsewhere.

Somewhere, Mary Jo Kilroy, Steve Driehaus, Zack Space, and Charlie Wilson are kicking something.

3 thoughts on “Ganley’s Big Move – What it means in Ohio & the Nation”

  1. this is great news. I own a house in Ms Sutton’s district and I call her office frequently. I am weary of the indifference I get from her staff. I’m certain that this rolls down from the top.

    I did a little research a while back and some of the political websites were calling this a safe Democrat seat. I am thrilled that Ms Sutton might have a contest on her hands. I’ll help Ganley any way I can.

    And I completely agree that this move is a true winner for the Republican party. even if Sutton retains her seat she will have to spend money that would have been put to use in some other contest.

    Here’s a slogan suggestion:
    Betty Sutton is BS.

  2. I would like to suggest that one Democrat candidate that is being overlooked here for the 13th District is Justin Wooden. I would suggest that you look into him,, I think you will find that it will not be an automatic win for Mrs. Sutton.

  3. Rep. Sutton is doing an excellent job in the 13th. I call her office frequently and am always warmly greeted and treated as an important constituent, never indifferently. Her staff is very diverse so not sure what they would have to be indifferent about. We can’t elect someone then out them just because we don’t feel they aren’t working quick enough. It takes time to make a difference and see the change. Slowly but surely we’re starting to see some of the positive affects of Rep. Sutton’s office. No politician is perfect, but she is trying very hard!

    Rep. Sutton is educated as a lawyer, which makes perfect sense that she would become a Congresswoman.

    What’s Tom Ganley? A car salesman. Is that really who the 13th wants to send to Washington?

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