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George Constanza and Obama

I am a huge fan of the TV Series “Seinfeld,” and sometimes when I read about what Obama has to say, I think he could be a great character in a Seinfeld-like sitcom. While on Spring Break with my family, I read an editorial that made me think of this episode of Seinfeld:

Senator John Barrasso from Wyoming made some observations that made me think “Do the opposite.” Here are some excerpts from the editorial:

On Monday, the U.S. Senate will vote on President Obama’s Buffett tax. The bill is a political gimmick that’s supposed to distract Americans from the president’s miserable record instead of solving problems.

Americans know by now that the bill won’t create a single job and it won’t ease the pain at the pump. And President Obama and the White House have finally given up pretending that his new tax will balance the budget.

Even if he did put the new revenue towards the debt, it would only cover what Washington spends in about a day and a half.

All this bill does is waste time and continue to push the president’s distorted definition of “fairness.”

And it would pay for a week of interest on out debt.

President Obama thinks it’s fair that our children and grandchildren will be burdened with debt because of his unprecedented reckless spending. Washington borrows 42 cents of every dollar it spends.

He thinks it’s fair to pile another $40,000 of debt onto every household in the U.S. over the last three years.

In the 39 months since Obama’s took the oath of office, Obama has generated over $5,000,000,000,000 in debt.

He thinks it’s fair to use college students as props for his campaign-style rallies, without explaining how his bad policies will leave them in debt.

He has, pretty much eviscerated the private student loan companies, which means the government will have another pool of bad loans that will be charged on the taxpayers credit card issued by China.

He thinks it’s fair to force hardworking taxpayers to subsidize a wealthy person’s purchase of a hybrid luxury car — because it fits his idea for American energy.

Those cars are so popular that they are on fire, literally. The NY Times has exposed green energy as a bad “investment.”

He thinks it’s fair to hand out hundreds of millions of tax dollars to politically connected solar energy companies that then go bankrupt.

Failed “green” companies include:

Solar Trust of America: FAIL
Bright Source: FAIL
Solyndra: FAIL
LSP Energy: FAIL
Energy Conversion Devices: FAIL
Abound Solar: FAIL
SunPower: FAIL
Beacon Power: FAIL
Ecotality: FAIL
A123 Solar: FAIL
UniSolar: FAIL
Azure Dynamics: FAIL
Evergreen Solar: FAIL
Ener1: FAIL

Guess who pays for these failures.

He thinks it’s fair to tell thousands of workers they won’t have jobs because he blocked the Keystone XL pipeline — to solidify the support of a few far left environmentalists.

He would have people on unemployment rather than have a job.

And apparently President Obama thinks it’s fair that three years of his policies have left us with more people on food stamps, more people in poverty, lower home values, higher gas prices and higher unemployment.

So much for Hope & Change, but of course, this is the fault of George Bush.

The American people strongly disagree. To the vast majority, fair means an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. They also recognize that no man and no government can provide a guarantee of success.

To President Obama, fair requires nothing less than a totally equal outcome.

Reminds me of Karl Marx “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

The waves of immigrants who came to our shores over generations did so for freedom and for a chance to succeed. They did not come here to be taken care of, or to have every decision made for them by the government. That’s what many of them left behind.

When President Obama pushes for equal outcomes instead of equal opportunity, he pits one group of Americans against another. He is telling people it’s not right for someone else to have something they don’t have.

That may be a good campaign tactic, but it’s not true—and it’s bad for our country.

When you can’t run on your record, you have to resort to policies like the Buffett Rule, which won’t create a single job, if you exclude the Tax attorneys who will help the “Rich” avoid the tax.

In America, it’s possible for all of us to prosper. That is part of what made America the best from the very beginning. Here all of us can do better — not at the expense of our neighbors, but by our own effort.

That would require a vibrant economy, which will not happen in an economy that is driven by government spending, stimulus packages and unemployment benefits. Yes, Obama said “Unemployment Benefits Better Than Creating Jobs.”

Our country’s social safety net was established to catch people from falling — not to entangle them so they cannot rise. It certainly should never be used to justify burdening taxpayers with trillions of dollars in new debt.

According to the Heritage Foundation, “If the average historical level of tax revenue is extended, spending on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Obamacare subsidy program will consume all revenues by 2049.”

Somewhere along the way, Washington twisted the honorable American impulse to care for the least fortunate among us.

The Obama definition of “fairness” now threatens to produce a culture of dependency that weakens our society.

Today’s debate over this new tax increase demonstrates the two different approaches to this country’s future. President Obama’s may believe it’s fair for Washington to dictate the rules so that everyone is equal in the end. Republicans want to promote economic growth for everybody, not equality of outcome at everybody’s expense.

Despite what President Obama believes, true fairness requires equal opportunity, so that all may pursue their dreams. America was founded on that idea. That’s what will lead us to a more prosperous future for all.

Americans deserve policies that promote growth and opportunity, not more taxes and spending.

To get America going in the right direction, we need new leadership that thinks that liberty is more important that big government.

It’s time to do the opposite!

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