Gov. Strickland: A Man with Priorities

Today, we learned that Ohio’s unemployment rate has risen again. Now up to 10.6%.

That’s an exact doubling of the rate when he became Governor.
That’s 303,000 more unemployed Ohioans since he took the oath of office.
That’s not Turning around Ohio.

So on the day that we learn Ohio is going nowhere fast, at least we know the Governor is hard at work solving the state’s probl…………WHAT THE %&$$&#@#[email protected]?

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

What’s particularly infuriating, besides a ridiculous unemployment rate, is that the press release is dated yesterday.

That means this was something agreed to before the budget issue was sure to be resolved. As we all know, it’s not like any event like this can be scheduled on the fly with the Governor of Ohio.

Can you imagine? The Governor was threatening to keep legislators around on Christmas, meanwhile he was planning a trip up to Youngstown to go weigh a couple guys in their underwear.


Maybe this is just the first step in preparing for his bout with Ohio’s conservative blogging community.

I hope Pavlik calls him Jello Ted.

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