Guess who said it.

The following quotes come from comments left on a post on another website about the most recent Rasmussen poll showing Kasich leading Strickland by 9:

“I’ve met [Kasich]. Like the Huckster, he is disarmingly likeable.”

“Strickland has been responsible for a massive set of screw-ups in the state budget, he’s reversed the alleged “principled stands” he took in the 2006 campaign, he’s decimated the state’s natural environment, he’s backed a string of failed development projects, and now he’s linked to corruption scandals from Cleveland to Portsmouth.”

“Strickland will go either by crushing defeat in 2010, or by indictment. Take your choice.”

“Strickland’s trend sucks like a nuclear Hoover.”

“Governor Strickland (D) is okay – but not a visionary. Kind of babysitter governor. Ohio has big problems. We need a big thinker. I don’t know if John Kasich (R) is a big thinker (he was GOP leader in the Congress for a balanced budget). Maybe he can shake things up, get Ohio back on track.”

Give up on which site they come from?

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