“His name is Shawn Brown and he’s not a statistic.”

For National School Choice Week, School Choice Ohio highlighted the story of Shawn Brown. Shawn was teased at his public school because he has cerebral palsy.

Shawn’s mother’s concern for her son’s education is undeniable. She reached out to School Choice Ohio to find another option for him. Shawn qualified for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program which gave him the opportunity to attend Creative Learning Workshop. Now, Shawn is looking forward to fulfilling his dreams after graduation.

National School Choice Week gives families the opportunity to highlight how their children have benefitted from School Choice. We have made some positive strides in Ohio, but have a long way to go until all children have educational freedom. We can do this by holding hypocritical elected officials accountable for denying these opportunities to all children.

Former State Representative, Seth Morgan, who is a strong advocate for School Choice told me,

“Any attempt to roll back the efforts made toward providing children,
parents, and guardians a choice in education is a travesty. On the
contrary, here in Ohio, we haven’t gone far enough and should be working to
expand educational options. Every parent or guardian who cares enough to
take a proactive effort on behalf of their child’s education is fulfilling
the great responsibility and right they have – and they should be encouraged
to do so. If we want great outcomes in education, we must have parents
engaged in their children’s educational futures. Educational liberty
through choice is at the center of that effort.”

Children like Shawn need us to continue fighting for this cause.

Author: Rachel

Mom. Conservative. Cleveland Indians Fan.