Hope and Change isn’t working. Even among Democrats.

It’s very simple.

If Democrats truly believed their dear leader was building a greater Republic, they’d be happy with how their liberal dominated capital was running things.

Well, according to a new CBS(!!!) poll, 53% of DEMOCRATS are dissatisfied or angry with how things are going in Washington.

And it doesn’t end there. Independents, those Barack Obama can thank for his overwhelming victory, aren’t satisfied by a margin of 73-24.

Remember, up until last week, Democrats were in complete and total control of Washington.

Now, with Scott Brown’s election, they are just mostly in total and complete control of Washington.

Remember, elections are referendums on the Party in power. Historically speaking, if the people don’t believe the job is getting done, which in this case they clearly do not, they give the other guys a shot, even if they may have a lesser opinion of them.

That’s frustrating for Democrats to hear, but you can’t argue with history.