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I miss Ohio.

Ohio Gov. Strickland may have thrown the state economy down the figurative crapper, but at least back home there wasn’t much of a threat of getting blown up.

So Rep. Moran, do I look like I want a target painted on my chest?

In this weekend’s Washington Post, Democrat Jim Moran became the first Congressman in history to ask terrorists to come to his district when he wrote an editorial welcoming Gitmo terrorists to Alexandria for their trials.

By and large, Alexandrians are civic-minded people and are ready to do their duty if it serves the greater good. They have shown this public spirit time and again. The “20th hijacker,” Zacarias Moussaoui, who participated in planning the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the Pentagon, was held and prosecuted in the Alexandria courthouse. Others who have been brought to justice in the court include the “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh; Beltway sniper John Allen Muhammad; and spies Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames.

If it only were that easy. It’s one thing to say you want to do it, it’s another thing to make it a reality. From the Alexandria Times:

Eisenhower Avenue separates the jail where Moussaoui was housed, and the dense, newly populated Carlyle neighborhood where Moussaoui was tried, creating a frenzy of security details and media coverage.

The 2006 trial created a strain on residents, who lived in a neighborhood then resembling a military zone, with rooftop snipers and street barricades. The city’s public safety departments, too, were taxed with their own added responsibilities.

So the Moussaoui trial created a mess for Alexandria. Now imagine what securing 245 more terrorists would do?

Beyond the logistical issues, Alexandria would move up to a perpetual Redin the Homeland Security Threat Advisory. Imagine how attractive a goal it would be for our enemies to free any or all of those 245 terrorists.

As for me, I’m partial to the way my home-state Ohioans are handling this situation.

As far as Rep. Steve Austria is concerned, the enemy combatants held at Guantanamo Bay can just forget about an extended stay in Ohio.

Austria, a Republican from Beaverceek, introduced a bill last week that would prohibit any of the detainees from being shipped to jails in Ohio.

Maybe the next Governor can come up with a new state motto. Ohio: We Like Not Being Blown Up

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