If only…

I wonder what Ohio’s budget situation would look like right now if the media went after Strickland about the impending multi-billion dollar deficit in the same way they went after Kasich about a swearing-in ceremony.

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  1. Kasich and crew, taking a page from the media playbook of the likes of Palin, Perry, Angle and other Republicans who learned the mainstreamers aren’t their friends, are just showing they’re in charge and the press corp isn’t. Regardless, there is no group that feels more entitled than Ohio’s mediocre statehouse press corps, so it’s fun to watch this totally self-serving, subsidized group of generally lazy reporters whine when they’re denied the access they think their phony baloney press credentials are supposed to buy them. We saw the Plain Dealer out itself recently over letting corruption fester despite its role to discover it and report on it. The Dispatch reported on and editorialize against the Columbus casino, barely and reluctantly admitting their parent company’s giant conflict of interest vis a vis its business interests in the Arena District; and Ohio’s Greatest Home Newspaper will continue to kowtow to Mike Coleman and will again endorse him again for Mayor, even though he represents a rich oil field enterprising reporters should be drilling wells into. That’s what real reporters would do, but, again, Dispatch business overlords won’t permit it. They don’t want to admit (for purposes of justifying their entitled mind set) that “the press” these days is no longer the press of yesteryear. The times they are a changing. The statehouse “press corps” needs to understand its no longer the only game in town.

  2. You mean the $400 million surplus that Strickland is leaving?

    If this is how Kasich is showing he’s in charge and the media isn’t, then why did he cave within a day? That’s some backbone.

    Keeling, you’re getting lazy. This is the best you could do? You whined about Strickland NOT following a silly 12 year tradition about carving his name in his desk (only then to whine when he did), but your knocking the media for knocking Kasich over breaking with tradition about inauguration transparency?!? Hypocrite.

    C’mon. Maybe you’re too busy hoping to get one of those inflated staff salaries Kasich’s been giving to his staff.

  3. LOL…a $400M “surplus” along with using a one-time federal hand out of $8B = a $7,600,000,000 budget hole.

    THAT is what Strickland is leaving us.

    Ohio needed a leader and Ted did nothing but kick the can down the road…for four years.

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