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Joe Hallett’s column this past weekend in the Columbus Dispatch included a shot at Ohio GOP gubernatorial candidate John Kasich that has been echoed for quite some time across the liberal blogosphere.

Instead of answers, Kasich offers an unrealistic plan to gradually eliminate the state income tax, which accounts for 34 percent of the state’s revenue. Without that funding, how will schools remain open and indigent children get help? A leader would have answers.

Stricktaft himself has gone after Kasich, too.

Strickland criticized Kasich’s comments about phasing out the state income tax, noting it accounts for 34 percent of all state revenue. He challenged Kasich to say what state programs or services paid by the tax he would cut.

Goodness gracious. How could Ohio possibly survive without its income tax? It’s such an extreme position to have, right? No state could possibly be so stupid as to consider not having an income tax!

Not so much.

Seven states currently don’t have an income tax of any kind. Two others only tax dividend and interest income.

“Well fine”, Democrats may say. “Surely, these states have a population greatly unhappy with how their government is run. After all, they would be forced to make drastic cuts in schools and the like, right?”

Ok, then. The best way to judge whether a population is satisfied with their government is to determine whether they vote them out or not. So let’s take a look.

The below graphic highlights the four states with no income tax that are most similar in population to Ohio, along with their highest profile statewide elected officials and their election results.

What’s one takeaway from looking at this breakdown? Ohio, with its massive income tax, has just as many elected officials getting voted out or offices switching Parties as the four other states….combined.

Of course one could say other variables played a part in this turnover, and they’d be right. But one thing is for sure, the voters in states where there is no income tax are historically happy with how their state government is being run.

That’s something that can’t be said about Ohio.

Eliminating the income tax is far from “unrealistic”, Mr. Hallett. It’s something that has been proven to work in all types of states and demographics across the country. It’s about time Ohio had a leader who had the courage to do what’s necessary to enable real opportunity and growth.

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