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Instant analysis of Ted’s speech…

Reporters were expecting a major announcement. None came.

Governor Strickland’s speech was nothing but recycled attacks Kasich’s ties to Lehman…and that somehow led to….Enron?

I dunno. Maybe he’s going senile.

But one thing is for certain, Ted has no clue how to win this race.

First off, remember that in every poll, even Quinnipiac, the electorate has shown they are overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the direction of Ohio.

When that happens, voters will ultimately lay blame at the feet of the incumbent Party in November.

That’s why all incumbent elections are referendums on said incumbent.

So if Ted wants a chance to win, he needs to reshape those negative feelings felt by Ohioans and compel them to vote for him.

He isn’t doing that. Instead, he’s attacking his opposition.

There are two major avenues for communicating campaign message – paid television advertisements and touted “major” speeches.

Ted has now used both of those to attack.

When voters are upset at the state of the state, the last thing they want to hear is an attack on an opponent and no vision for setting things right.

Now, that doesn’t mean these attacks won’t increase Kasich’s negatives. They most assuredly will. But that doesn’t necessarily matter if voters are still pissed off at the Party in power. Especially when Kasich will provide those same voters with a compelling reason to vote for him.

And he will.

Another thing. By touting this as a “major speech”, the Governor teased the media into thinking the theme would be something groundbreaking or new. There wasn’t. The media hates being used like this. This was a bad decision by his campaign staff.

Finally, it seems like the only policy item offered that can be considered new was Strickland’s support for increasing the minimum wage.

You support a policy that would make it more expensive for employers to hire workers? In this environment, Ted? Seriously?

Maybe Ted wants to lose.

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