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Is the 10th time a charm?

President Obama comes to Ohio today for the 10th time.

The only state he has visited more is New York.

Now clearly the White House believes their best asset is the President himself. Over the past nearly two years, they’ve shipped Obama out all over the country in an effort to promote the White House agenda and win over support from voters.

Keeping that in mind, it’s reasonable to say that in a state visited as much as Ohio, you’d imagine the enthusiasm and support of the President wouldn’t have dwindled as much over time as it has nationally.

Until you look at the numbers.

Over the first few months of his Presidency, Obama enjoyed an aggregate +34 approval rating in Ohio, mirroring the national opinion.

And now? Well, that aggregate in Ohio has turned to -9, a net swing of -43 points.

Nationally, Obama sits at a slightly better -5 job approval rating.

As it turns out, the President isn’t the asset so many on the left believe he is. His massive drop in approval despite the high number of appearances, and the media that comes with it, proves it.

If he was a positive asset, it’s safe to say his approval numbers would not dive at a level faster than the rest of the country. Instead, it would be expected that they would be better than the national average. But they aren’t.

Could it be that rather than drawing the attention of Ohioans to whatever positive message the White House is pushing, that the increased focus by Ohio media as caused by numerous presidential visits is instead forcing Ohioans to be oversaturated with someone they are becoming increasingly weary of?

The more we see him, the more we’re sick of him.

As it turns out, Obama is the GOP’s best asset.

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