It takes a special kind of stupid.

Ted Strickland’s new Director of the Department of Development is off to an amazingly awful start.

First there was the hiring of an unqualified 20-something filmmaker of something called “Johnny Appleweed” to run one of the divisions within the Department.

And now…..this:

A slick new online magazine designed to promote Ohio features Grand Haven, Saugatuck, East Grand Rapids and other cities you won’t find on an Ohio map.

The featured places are actually in the much-hated state up north.

The bi-weekly magazine is a product of the Ohio Business Development Coalition, which is funded by a grant from the state Department of Development.


With royally moronic gaffes like this, it’s no wonder Ohio is in the middle of a job crisis. If Strickland’s Administration can’t handle a “slick new online magazine”, how can they be expected to develop policy to attract businesses?