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It’s not just 3BP that likes New Jersey’s Governor…

Last November, Chris Christie beat current Strickland flack Lis Smith’s old boss, Jon Corzine, with 49% of the vote in a 3-way race in one of the deepest blue states in the union.

Since then, Christie has done what he’s promised and cut spending in order to bring some fiscal sanity back to New Jersey.

You’d think in New Jersey that wouldn’t go over so well.

Despite the outcries from labor and teacher unions, Christie’s approval ratings sit at 53%. 4 points higher than what won him the job in November.

Even more amazing, among Independents that approval rating sits at 64%.

Clearly, even liberal New Jersey recognizes that business as usual doesn’t cut it anymore. And it’s yet another reason why Ohioans will be pushing for a regime change in Ohio. Democrats should be on the lookout.

Other interesting results:

Which is a bigger problem in New Jersey — that voters are unwilling to pay enough in taxes or that the politicians are unwilling to control government spending?

* Voters are unwilling to pay enough in taxes 11%
* Politicians are unwilling to control government spending 79%

Governor Christie’s proposed budget calls for approximately $820 million less in local school aid. To help make up this deficit in funding do you favor or oppose a one year pay freeze on administrators, teachers and school workers salaries?

* Favor 65%
* Oppose 28%

Are teachers’ unions more interested in the quality of education or in protecting their members’ jobs?

* More interested in the quality of education 24%
* Protecting their members jobs 66%

Do public employee unions put a significant strain on New Jersey’s budget?

* Yes 52%
* No 28%

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