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Jindal Revisited

Over a month ago I wrote a post highlighting how LA Governor Bobby Jindal was in prime position return to the elite upper echelon of influence within U.S. politics.

Many within political circles still like to pan the Governor for his awful performance a couple years ago when he responded to President Obama’s first State of the Union. Well, I hate to break it to ya, but if you asked the American public about that moment, 99% of them would have no idea what you’re talking about. That stuff is inside baseball.

What matters is now, and right now the Governor is showing what real leadership is about. Check out this recent speech rallying Louisianans in response to the Gulf disaster.

He’s off script, off prompter, and really knows how to connect with the crowd.

Oh, and he’s brilliant.

This speech went so far as to make the widely influential conservative blog remark:

With the exception of Christie, no Republican governor’s done more over the last three months to impress the righty base, I think, than this guy has. Exit question: Second look at Jindal 2012?

It’s a good question.

His resume far outweighs anything Obama had done prior to becoming President.

He’s been a successful and wildly popular Governor in Louisiana.

He’s well spoken, provided he’s not over-handled the way he was in the previously mentioned presidential response.

His challenge? He’s up for re-election in 2011.

As we all know, jockeying for position for the 2012 GOP nomination started quite a while ago. By October of 2011, the month before Jindal’s campaign climaxes, we’ll be revving full speed ahead with the GOP presidential primary battle.

Jindal has a few options if he wants to toss his name in the ring.

  1. Don’t run for re-election. This is a risk for obvious reasons.
  2. Run for re-election and hope his Democratic opponent is so weak that he/she doesn’t pose a serious threat, thereby allowing him to test the waters in New Hampshire.
  3. Run for re-election, ignore the primary, and hope things are such a mess by mid-November that he’s recruited by a sizable segment of activists. (Similar to Fred Thompson in ’08, but without the lazy campaign style)

Even if he bides his time, he would be a top tier choice for Vice President.

Daniels-Jindal ’12.

I like it.

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