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Jon Stewart pisses me off.

But I still like him. He’s funny, original and his style of humor frighteningly mirrors my own.

With that being said, the publicity he is getting from the Cramer interview this past Thursday reinforces the how faulty the perception is that qualifies The Daily Show as ‘fake news’.

Meghan McArdle at The Atlantic says it much better than I ever could:

Jon Stewart also shapes peoples’ decisions. Video is a medium with powerful claims to reality–people tend to think that if they saw it, it must be true. This makes it uniquely good at manipulating its audience with skillful editing. I’m very sympathetic to Stewart’s deep critique of financial shows, but I don’t think the way to go about it was to string together a bunch of very misleading clips. Nor to imply that Santelli, who has been vocally against all bailouts from the beginning, was merely frothing on the forclosure program because ordinary taxpayers were finally getting a taste of federal largesse. But Stewart carefully claims he’s just an entertainer, so he has no obligation to hew to journalistic standards on things like quoting out of context.

I’m sorry, Jon. You can’t have it both ways. You can no longer claim you provide ‘fake news’ and those that help shape their opinion from watching your show are idiots. Clearly, the evidence suggests otherwise. Because of your style and your message people DO shape their opinions based on your program — and for that you need to take responsibility.

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