Just how out of touch is Jennifer Brunner?

I don’t post much about Jennifer Brunner anymore these days. I leave it mostly to just mocking her miserable failure of raising any substantive amount of cash for her campaign.

But a tweet I saw she posted during the Super Bowl just about made me wretch.

Before I get to that, some of you may have been following the hysterical ranting and raving from the left about the Tebow/Pro-life ad that was to air last night during the Super Bowl. Seeing as how unobjectionable and positive it was, the attacks from the left preceding its airing seemed pretty ridiculous. For those that didn’t catch it, here it is:

Cute, eh? It isn’t pushy and provides the viewer a way to hear more about the Tebow story if they are so interested. In fact, I wish Focus on the Family was a bit more straightforward. Alas.

But in light of how uncontroversial the ad turned out to be, the far left had to find something to whine about lest they look totally and completely vapid.

Well, leave it to Jennifer Brunner.


Seriously, Jennifer? This is a joke, right?

And the left wonders why the middle is ever so increasingly abandoning them.

No, it’s not because you can’t spell ‘Tebow’.

2 thoughts on “Just how out of touch is Jennifer Brunner?”

  1. Um, The Ad was edited down. If you go to their site, you can see the real ad. My gripe has nothing to do with the ad, its the way CBS picked and chose the ads they aired. The Focus On Family ad was fine, but the harmless gay dating site ad couldn’t be aired. They are public airwaves still, so all ads should be accepted as long as they fall into FCC guidelines.

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