Karma’s a b****.

Earlier this month, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern was trying to have a little fun on Twitter mocking the reshuffling of Republicans in the Ohio Auditor’s race. This is one of several tweets:

Well, with that in mind, this news appeared in the Columbus Dispatch this morning:

A bit more than nine months before the November election, Ohio Democrats appear ready to make a change in their candidate for secretary of state.

State Democratic Chairman Chris Redfern said yesterday that the party will have an announcement next week regarding its candidate. State Rep. Jennifer Garrison of Marietta has been running for the seat since August.

But sources said that Garrison has drawn strong opposition from the party’s progressive base for her conservative stands on social issues and that leaders, including Gov. Ted Strickland, are prepared to embrace Franklin County Clerk of Courts Maryellen O’Shaughnessy for secretary of state.

Now these rumors have been going around for weeks, but seeing them in the MSM makes this a lot more real for Redfern.

So now rather than having to find a new candidate because the incumbent advanced up a level as a LG candidate, Redfern has to deal with a giant mess he and Ted Strickland created when they handpicked a candidate that virtually no one in their base likes.

And for an apportionment board seat, at that.

That is something to be embarrassed about.

How’s that crow, Chairman?

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  1. I thought the Dems were the “big tent” party. What’s this deal with the moderate getting the boot, I heard only Repubs do that sorta thing.

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