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Kilroy has some explaining to do.

Democrats own the health care the issue.

Thanks to the big deal surrounding Obamacare, everything that happens to the health care system lies on their shoulders.

Which leads us to Ohio Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy.

Soon after the bill was signed into law, Kilroy stated that Obamacare would “strengthen Medicare for seniors.”

Except reality is the opposite.

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I’m not sure fewer seniors receiving medicare treatment is the equivalent to “strengthening”, eh?

Now, to be fair, if the infamous “Doc Fix” had been included in the legislation, medicare rejections likely would not have seen the spike they have. But it wasn’t included.

And why wasn’t it included?

Just a few short months ago the doc fix was part of the president’s healthcare reform legislation but Congressional leaders removed it from the bill so the CBO could certify that the legislation was revenue neutral and did not “add one dime to the deficit” as the president intoned daily. So in a most disingenuous piece of fiscal trickery Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid separated the doc fix from the overall healthcare reform legislation and put it in a separate bill, claiming it was a totally separate issue. Voila; the CBO could now certify the ten-year cost of the healthcare legislation as not increasing the deficit but the very same costs are now to be incurred in a separate law.

So there we have it; the costs of the annual fix which, if included in the healthcare reform bill, might have prevented its passage, is later acknowledged to cause an increase in the deficit by the same amount.

Mary Jo Kilroy, you promised your constituents that Medicare would be strengthened.

Instead, seniors in the 15th district are being rejected thanks to the bill you so strongly advocated for.

You have some explaining to do.

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