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LeBrongate somehow gets more stupid.

In one of the most stupid ideas ever, Democrats have latched hard onto this statement from John Kasich:

Kasich: “I’m not singing in any chorus for LeBron James.”
Colmes: “You’re not?”Kasich: “No, I’m not. Look, he’s a great basketball player, he’s a great guy. There’s a lot of great people in Ohio.”

Kasich said it would be great if LeBron stayed, but he won’t do anything extra to convince him.

“We’ve lost 400,000 jobs out here and the last guy I worry about is LeBron James. You know I mean, we all hope he’ll stay in Cleveland. We think we’ve got a great guy there that can turn everything around, but we got some serious problems,” Kasich said.

Since then, Democrats have created an entire website dedicated to mocking Kasich and claiming he doesn’t care if LeBron is in Cleveland. Of course, Kasich never said that, but when has the truth ever mattered. They also stated that LeBron was a huge “economic driver” for Ohio.

There are three ways to look at how massively stupid Strickland and his cronies are on this new tactic.

First, if this is really is Strickland’s idea of economic development, it explains the incredibly inept way he managed to lose companies like NCR and DHL as they picked up and moved out of state.

Second, Terry Pluto, a sports columnist for the Plain Dealer and the eight time Ohio Sportswriter of the Year wrote the following in a column yesterday:

Wait a minute, didn’t Forbes magazine already rate Cleveland as the “most miserable city” back in February? That was when James was in the middle of his second consecutive MVP season and the Cavs were on their way to an NBA-best 61 regular-season victories. We were already supposed to be chronically depressed, so how much worse can it get?

Here’s hoping James remains with the Cavs. His presence does light up the dismal winter sports landscape. As long as James is in Cleveland, fans can at least dare to dream about him bringing a title here. But if he leaves, does much really change in most of our lives?

Consider what really counts: Family, health, relationship, jobs.

And that’s essentially what Kasich said. Maybe the Ohio Dems should toss Terry Pluto in their youtube video about Kasich.

Pluto continues…

I suggest the dear doctor look in the rearview mirror of Cleveland sport history. Check out 1995, when it was announced the Browns were moving to Baltimore a week before the Indians were heading to their first World Series in 41 years.

Guess what?

Cleveland and the fans survived. Despite James’ enormous popularity, it doesn’t match the love this area has for the Browns. And yes, the city actually functioned in the three years the Browns were gone.

Thereby disproving the “economic driver” theory.

Ohio is much, much more than a basketball star. And it’s pathetic that a Governor and his cronies believe otherwise.

But more apt to my points, the fact that this hub-bub has gotten so big that the massive problems facing Ohio and Cleveland have reached a sports column highlights just how stupid a move this was by the Strickland team. Now Ohio’s challenges have reached a whole new audience.

Which leads to the third reason this was so stupid. This story has been in the news cycle for at least two days. The Strickland machine, who probably thought they were being cute and funny, somehow made this their primary message for two days of the campaign. They made a website. They made a youtube. The Strickland campaign spokeswoman, the Party spokesman, and Party Chairman attacked Kasich over it. Each day presents a campaign a finite number of opportunities to present your message. And for two days, the message from Democrats has been LeBrongate.

Not only is that pathetic in highlighting just how out of touch Democrats are, but it also highlighted to a number of Ohioans who actually understands the real challenges facing Ohio. And that’s John Kasich.

Oh, and remember that poll in the Plain Dealer? More people took it.

The fact I feel the need to write this much about how far Ohio Democrats have gone of the rails really does annoy me. But it’s nothing compared to the amount of time Democrats spent making this a story.


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