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Lee Fisher can’t even be honest about Independence Day parades.

Yesterday, Lee Fisher tweeted the following…

50+ volunteers in Northland?


If that’s the case, what does the footage of the Northland parade starting at 1:42 of this youtube video portray?

I see two volunteers. And word from parade attendees is that both were wearing Ted Strickland shirts.

Where was Ted Strickland? Not there.

Where was Lee Fisher when this footage was shot in front of the grandstand? He had already run ahead and hopped into another car to leave the embarrassing situation. To be clear, Lee did not need to leave early for the Westerville parade. There was ample time for the candidate to finish Northland and get to Westerville with time to spare.

Apparently earlier in the parade Fisher had one shirted Fisher for Ohio volunteer walking with him. That’s it.

How bad was it? As you can hear in the above footage, the parade announcer doesn’t even notice the Fisher banner and skips right over him to the “classic cars” portion of the parade.

But even THAT isn’t the worst part.

The two volunteers holding the banner apparently were so discouraged that they decided to finish things up early. Here they are folding up the Fisher banner while the parade is still going on!

This is downright embarrassing.

Right out of college I ran a State Rep race in Ohio. If memory serves, we walked in three Fourth of July parades and had between 15-20 volunteers walking with us in each. And that was a State Representative race. Not U.S. Senator.

Fisher for Ohio not only failed to get a volunteer presence, but they embarrassed themselves in the process.

So how did the Westerville parade go for Fisher? Well, let’s just say I hope Lee isn’t looking at what I think he’s looking at…

Word from attendees at the Westerville parade is Fisher had a grand total of 8 volunteers with him. Strickland also had 8 volunteers walking on his behalf (but the candidate was not anywhere to be seen).

If anyone has any footage that shows the supposed 50 Fisher volunteers in Northland and Westerville, please send it to me at [email protected], and I’ll happily update this post.

UPDATE 1: Omg. Here’s another clip highlighting just how pathetic Fisher’s presence was at the Northland parade. Maybe it’s time Lee tried to look for a fourth campaign manager.

UPDATE 2: Just received a note from another reader who was at the Westerville Parade. He says: “I took pics of some GOP-ers in the W-ville parade but didn’t think to snap any D photos. 8 sounds about right for Fisher and also for Strickland. Pepper had about 5 people including one who spent the entire time on my block (State, from College to Main) talking on his cell phone.”

So strange. Why would Fisher try to push such an easily disputed lie? I guess it’s par for the course. Time after time he has tried to fool the public about his campaign. Whether it be his whereabouts when Obama comes to town or the fundraisers he’s holding in California. Clearly, Fisher can’t be trusted.

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