Legal Maneuver Gets JobsOhio Back On Track

In a bit of legal genius (that may have been overshadowed by other news over the weekend), the Kasich administration is going all in on demonstrating the constitutionality of JobsOhio. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

One state agency head sued another on Friday at the Ohio Supreme Court in an effort to move Gov. John Kasich’s private economic development program forward.

But this doesn’t mean there is dissension among the Republican governor’s top brass. Instead, this was done as a legal maneuver to get the high court to decide once and for all whether JobsOhio — the private economic development agency created in February 2011 — is even legal.

Instead of letting the liberals at ProgressOhio further delay the implementation of Ohio’s signature jobs program—which was approved with bipartisan support—the Kasich administration is moving up the timetable. From a policy standpoint, this is great news as JobsOhio will be up and running sooner, helping to create more jobs for Ohioans.

But from a legal standpoint, it’s nothing short of brilliant. Kasich and his team have always believed in the constitutionality of JobsOhio, but Ohio’s far left have been utilizing every stall tactic in the book to keep the program from shining. Make no mistake about it, ProgressOhio and their liberal cronies, Sen. Michael Skindell and Rep. Dennis Murray, cared only for making Kasich somehow look bad, and thus tried to delay JobsOhio from attracting business and creating an environment for job creation in the state.

With this new development, the Kasich administration is back in control and when the Supreme Court ultimately finds JobsOhio constitutional, the job creation in this state will finally live up to its full potential.

It’s taken awhile to shake off the petty politics of Ohio’s far left, but with this move, JobsOhio—and all of the Buckeye State—can finally move forward.

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  1. JobsOhio is operational. Has been all year. It’s even released two quarterly reports about its activities. Yet another fundamentally factually flawed post from the Kasich cheerleading squad.

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