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Lying is No Way To Get Ahead

I once got caught lying to a teacher…Mrs. Kendall in 5th grade.

She caught me asking the one ‘developed’ girl in our class if she wore an “over the shoulder boulder holder”. I, of course, plead the fifth. I didn’t know what it meant! I just said it because I heard my friend Kyle say it…I was innocent! Mrs. Kendall firmly scolded me, “lying is no way to get ahead Mr. Utah.” Then she called my mom and I got grounded.

You see, that was a lie. My sister and mom had just watched Beaches that past weekend on VHS. I don’t remember how it was used in the movie, but my 11 yr old brain knew what it meant and I couldn’t wait to ask Boobs McGee on Monday. I could think of nothing better to cover my tracks than to throw my buddy under the bus.

Real sly 11 yr old Utah, real sly.

You’re asking yourself, what in the hell does 11 yr old Utah’s lie have to do with me. Well, here’s the thing-Obama is supposed to be a great leader, but when caught in a lie, he just does the same thing 11 yr old me did: throw his buddy under the bus!

You can see from this article that Obama and ACORN are pretty tight. I mean, like they like each other as more than friends tight. $800,000 between friends has a way of making platonic friends into on-going flings.

Actually, Toni Foulkes, ACORN’s Chicago Leader says, “…By the time he ran for office, we were old friends.”
So, what does Barry do when caught in a lie? He throws ACORN under the bus.

“We don’t need ACORN’s help”


Then tell them to stop committing voter fraud and call for a review of their practices. Better yet, call for a “moratorium” on ACORN voter registrations. Hey, if it’s good for foreclosures, it’s good for ACORN!
By the way, my friend Kyle didn’t talk to me for a week. He also stole my girlfriend.

This leads me to believe that ACORN is going to denounce Obama and will probably be dating Bill Ayers or Rev Wright pretty soon.

Want proof of this mess?

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